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Alaska, Cordova

Tides Stations
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  5 miles NE of Point Brazil
  Agnes Cove, Aialik Peninsula
  Aialik Bay, North end
  Aialik Sill, Aialik Bay
  Applegate Island
  Bainbridge Point, Bainbridge Island
  Bear Cove, Aialik Peninsula
  Beauty Bay, Nuka Bay
  Camp Cove, Aialik Bay
  Cape Hinchinbrook
  Chance Cove (Lagoon)
  Chenega Island, Dangerous Passage
  Chenega Island, southwest end
  Comfort Cove, Port Gravina
  Crater Bay, Harris Bay
  Culross Bay, Wells Passage
  Day Harbor
  Eshamy Bay, Knight Island Passage
  Eshamy Lagoon
  Eyak River entrance
  Gibbon Anchorage, Green Island
  Gravel Point
  Hanning Bay
  Herring Point
  Hogg Bay, Port Bainbridge
  Jackson Cove, Glacier Island
  Johnstone Point
  Kings Bay, Port Nellie Juan
  Landlocked Bay, Port Fidalgo
  Latouche, Latouche Island
  Long Bay Entrance, Culross Passage
  Macleod Harbor
  Middleton Island (north end)
  Naked Island, McPherson Passage
  Nuka Passage
  Patton Bay
  Perch Point
  Pete Dahl Slough
  Picnic Harbor, Rocky Bay
  Point Elrington, Elrington Island
  Point Helen
  Port Audrey
  Port Chalmers
  Port Etches
  Sawmill Bay, Evans Island
  Seward, Resurrection Bay
  Shag Rock
  Smith Island
  Snug Corner Cove, Port Fidalgo
  Snug Harbor
  Takoma Cove, Port Dick
  Two Arm Bay, Harris Bay
  Upper Northwestern Fiord, Harris Bay
  Whittier, Passage Canal
  Windy Bay, Hawkins Island
  Wooded Islands
Alaska, Cordova
  The area around Cordova was historically home to the Eyak, with a population of Chugach to the west, and occasional visits from Ahtna and Tlingit people for trade or battle. The last full-blooded Eyak died in 2008, but the native traditions and lifestyle still has an influence on the local culture. Today Cordova is populated with a mix of races, including Aleut Natives, Filipinos, and Caucasians. (,_Alaska)

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