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  Alava Bay
  Alva Bay, Revillagigedo Island
  Anchor Point
  Barren Island, Alaska
  Beck Island
  Beecher Pass
  Bell Arm, Bell Island
  Blake Island, Bradfield Canal
  Boca de Quadra
  Bradfield Canal, Ernest Sound
  Burroughs Bay
  Bushy Island, Snow Passage
  Butterworth Island, Duncan Canal
  Cape Chacon, Alaska
  Cape Fox, Alaska
  Castle Islands, Duncan Canal
  Convenient Cove, Hassler Island
  Coon Island, George Inlet
  Davis River entrance, Alaska
  Dewey Anchorage, Etolin Island
  Divide Head, Cholmondeley Sound
  Duncan Canal, Kupreanof Island
  Entrance Island
  Exchange Cove
  Finger Point, Lindenburg Peninsula
  Fitzgibbon Cove
  Fords Cove, B.C.
  Gnat Cove, Carroll Inlet
  Greys Island
  Grief Island, Duncan Canal
  Hadley, Lyman Anchorage
  Halibut Bay, Alaska
  Hamilton Bay, Kupreanof Island
  Hassler Harbor, Annette Island
  Haystack Island, B.C.
  Hollis Anchorage
  Ingraham Bay, Prince of Wales Island
  Kah Shakes Cove
  Karta Bay
  Kelp Island Passage, Duke Island
  Kumeon Bay, B.C.
  Lake Bay
  Lancaster Cove, Cholmondeley Sound
  Level Islands
  Lindeman Cove
  Loring, Naha Bay
  Madan Bay
  Mary Island Anchorage
  Menefee Anch., Prince of Wales Island
  Metlakatla, Port Chester
  Mill Bay, Nass River, B.C.
  Monte Carlo Island
  Mop Point, Thorne Arm
  Morse Cove, Duke Island
  Nakat Harbor, Alaska
  Nehenta Bay, Gravina Island
  Niblack Anchorage, Moira Sound
  Nichols Bay, Alaska
  Nigelius Point, Carroll Inlet
  Olive Cove, Zimovia Strait
  Papkes Landing
  Point Harrington
  Point Lockwood, Woewodski Island
  Polk Inlet (south end)
  Port Camden, Kuiu Island
  Port Tongass, Tongass Island, Alaska
  Ratz Harbor, Prince of Wales Island
  Red Bay, Prince of Wales Island
  Reef Point, Stikine Strait
  Rudyerd Bay
  Saltery Cove, Skowl Arm
  Seclusion Harbor, Kuiu Island
  Shoalwater Pass
  Shrimp Bay
  Smeaton Bay (Wilson Arm)
  St.John Harbor, Zarembo Island
  Steamer Bay, Etolin Island
  Stewart, B.C.
  Stikine River Entr., Point Rothsay
  Tamgas Harbor, Annette Island
  The Summit
  Thoms Point, Zimovia Strait
  Thorne Island, Whale Passage
  Traitors Cove (inside narrows)
  Traitors Cove (lower section)
  Turn Point
  Union Bay, Ernest Sound
  Vallenar Point
  Village Rock, Zimovia Strait
  Wales Island (Cannery), Pearse Canal
  Ward Cove
  Wrangell, Wrangell Island
  Yes Cannery, Yes Bay
  Yes, Yes Bay
Alaska, Ketchikan
  Ketchikan is named after Ketchikan Creek, which flows through the town. Ketchikan comes from the Tlingit name for the creek, Kitschk-hin, the meaning of which is unclear. It may mean the river belonging to Kitschk, other accounts claim it means Thundering Wings of an Eagle. (,_Alaska)

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