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Alaska, Sitka

Tides Stations
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  Affleck Canal entrance, Kuiu Island
  American Bay
  American Bay, Kaigani Strait
  Anguilla Island
  Bear Bay
  Canoe Cove, North Pass
  Cape Bingham
  Cape Flores
  Cape Ommaney
  Cape Spencer
  Copper Harbor
  Coronation Island
  Craig, Klawock Inlet
  Cruz Pass, San Fernando Island
  Cyrus Cove, Sea Otter Sound
  Diamond Point
  Diver Islands
  Dixon Harbor
  Dog Point, Lisianski Peninsula
  Dorothy Cove, Necker Bay
  Dry Bay
  Dry Pass, Hill Island
  Eagle Point
  Edna Bay
  El Capitan Island
  El Capitan Passage
  Elbow Bay
  Elbow Passage, Klag Bay
  Elfin Cove, Port Althorp
  Falcon Arm, Slocum Arm
  Forrester Island
  Gilmer Bay
  Golf Island, Necker Island
  Gooseneck Harbor
  Granite Cove
  Graves Harbor
  Haley Anchorage, Fish Bay
  Holbrook, Kosciusko Island
  Hunter Bay
  Icy Bay
  Idaho Inlet
  Inian Cove, North Inian Pass
  Johnstone Passage, Yakutat Bay
  Kaigani Harbor
  Kakul Narrows
  Karheen, Sea Otter Sound
  Kasook Inlet, Sukkwan Island
  Kassa Inlet entrance
  Keete Inlet
  Keete Island, Nutkwa Inlets
  Kell Bay, Affleck Canal, Kuiu Island
  Kimshan Cove, Ogden Passage
  Klokachef Island
  Lemesurier Island Light, North Passage
  Lituya Bay, 2 miles inside entrance
  Mabel Island
  Marble Island
  Marble Passage
  McFarland Islands
  Meares Island, south side
  Miner Island
  Minnie Bay
  Mud Bay
  Mud Bay, Goose Island
  Natalia Point
  North Pass, West End
  Nossuk Bay, Tonowek Bay
  Olga Point, Olga Strait
  Point Latouche, Yakutat Bay
  Point Lavinia, South Inian Pass
  Point St. Albans
  Pole Anchorage, Kosciusko Island
  Port Alexander, Baranof Island
  Port Alice, Heceta Island
  Port Althorp
  Port Banks, Whale Bay
  Port Beauclerc, Kuiu Island
  Port Conclusion, Baranof Island
  Port Malmesbury, Kuiu Island
  Port McArthur, Kuiu Island
  Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island.
  Port Santa Cruz, Suemez Island
  Port Walter, Baranof Island
  Red Bluff Bay
  Redfield Cove, Yakutat Bay
  Reid Bay
  Rose Inlet
  Sakie Bay
  Saltery Point
  Scraggy Island
  Scraggy Point
  Sea Otter Harbor
  Security Bay, Kuiu Island
  Security Cove
  Serguis Narrows
  Shakan Bay Entrance
  Shakan Strait, Kosciusko Island
  Shoals Point
  Soda Bay
  South Pass, Sukkwan Strait
  Stag Bay
  Steamboat Bay, Noyes Island
  Sumner Island
  Surge Bay
  Symonds Bay, Biorka Island
  Table Bay, Kuiu Island
  Tah Bay
  Takanis Bay
  Tebenkof Bay, Kuiu Island
  Tlevak Narrows
  Tuxekan Passage (north end)
  Tuxekan Passage (south end)
  Tuxekan, 0.5 mile south of
  Tyndall Glacier, Icy Bay
  Ulloa Island
  View Cove
  Warm Chuck Inlet, Tonowek Bay
  Waterfall Cannery
  Whitestone Narrows
  Wingham Island, Controller Bay
  Yakutat, Yakutat Bay
  Zeal Point
Alaska, Sitka
  Sitkas location on the outer coast of Alaskan Panhandle is removed from routes run through Chatham Strait. This, in addition to the tides of Peril Straits that allow mainline vessels through only at slack tide combine to result in no designated service by a vessel and minimal service overall. (,_Alaska)

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