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Georgia, Savannah River Ent.

Tides Stations
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Savannah River Ent.
  Airy Hall Plantation
  Albergottie Creek, Rt. 21 bridge
  Allied Chemical Corp. docks
  Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, ICWW
  Baileys Landing, Okatee River, Colleton River
  Barbour Island, Barbour Island River
  Battery Creek, 4 mi. above entrance
  Beach Hammock
  Bear River Entrance
  Bear River, (Range A Light)
  Belfast, Belfast River
  Bellville Point, Sapelo River
  Blackbeard Creek, Blackbeard Island
  Blackbeard Island
  Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island
  Bluff Islands
  Bluff Plantation
  Boulders Island, New Chehaw River
  Bowles Island, New Chehaw River
  Braddock Point, Hilton Head Island
  Bradley Point, Bradley River
  Briars Creek ent., Wimbee Creek, Bull River
  Brickyard Ferry, swing bridge
  Brickyard Point, Brickyard Creek
  Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island
  Broughton Point, Hazzard Creek
  Brunswick, East River
  Buffalo River entrance
  Bull Creek, Bull Island South, Cooper River
  Bull Island North
  Calibogue Cay, Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island
  Callawassie Creek, Colleton River
  Callawassie Island Bridge, Colleton River
  Callawassie Island, south, Colleton River
  Canaday Landing, south of, Edisto River
  Cane Patch Creek entrance
  Capers Creek, Cowen Creek, St. Helena Island
  Capers Island, Trenchards Inlet
  Carters Dock, Big Bay Creek
  Champney Island, South Altamaha River
  Chechessee Bluff, Chechessee River
  Club Bridge Creek ent., Trenchards Inlet
  Coffee Bluff, Forest River
  Colleton River Entrance
  Cook Landing Cemetery
  Corning Landing, Whale Branch
  Cowen Creek, Rt. 21 bridge
  Creighton Narrows Entrance, Crescent River
  Crispen Island
  Cuckolds Creek
  Dallas Bluff, Julienton River
  Darien, Darien River
  Daufuskie Landing, Daufuskie Island
  Dawho River
  Dillard Creek
  Distant Island Creek, upper end, Cowen Creek
  Distant Island, Cowen Creek
  Dog Hammock, Sapelo River
  Doughboy Island
  Eagle Creek, Mud River
  Eagle Neck, South Newport River
  Edding Point, Edding Creek
  Edisto Beach, Edisto Island
  Edisto Marina, Big Bay Creek entrance
  Egg Islands
  Euhaw Creek, 2.5 mi. above entrance
  Fenwick Island
  Fields Cut, Wright River
  Fields Point
  Florida Passage, Bear River
  Florida Passage, Ogeechee River
  Fort Fremont
  Fort McAllister, Ogeechee River
  Frederica River
  Frederick River Bridge
  Fripps Inlet, Hunting Island Bridge
  Good Hope Landing, south of
  Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, Cooper River
  Halfmoon, Timmons River
  Hampton River entrance
  Harbor River Bridge
  Hargray Pier, Daufuskie Island
  Harris Neck, Barbour Island River
  Highway bridge, Ogeechee River
  Highway bridge, South Brunswick River
  Hope Creek, Edisto River
  Hudson Creek entrance
  Hutchinson Island
  Hwy. 170 bridge
  Isle of Hope, Skidaway River
  Jacksonboro Camp
  Jenkins Creek, 1 mi. above entrance
  Jenkins Creek, Polawana Island
  Johnson Creek Bridge, Hunting Island
  Jones Creek entrance, Hampton River
  Kilkenny Club, Kilkenny Creek
  Lobeco, Whale Branch
  Lucy Point Creek entrance
  Mackay River (Daymark 239)
  Mackay River (ICWW), Buttermilk Sound
  Marine Corps Air Station, Brickyard Creek
  Moreland Cemetery
  Mud River, at Old Teakettle Creek
  Musselboro Island, Mosquito Creek
  North Dawson Landing, Coosawhatchie River
  North entrance
  North Newport River
  North Newport River (Daymark 119)
  Old Tea Kettle Creek (Daymark 173)
  Old Tower, Sapelo Island
  Otter Island
  Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot
  Penny Creek, south of, Edisto River
  Peters Point, St. Pierre Creek
  Pilot Island, West Branch Boyds Creek
  Pinckney Island, Mackay Creek, Chechessee River
  Pine Harbor, Sapelo River
  Pine Island, Ramshorn Creek, Cooper River
  Pine Landing
  Port Royal Plantation, Hilton Head Island
  Rockdedundy River (Daymark 185)
  Romerly Marsh Creek
  RR. Bridge, Hall Island
  Rt. 170 bridge
  Sams Point, Lucy Point Creek
  Savage I., Savage Creek, Bull Creek
  Savannah Sheraton Resort Hotel
  Sheldon, Huspa Creek, Whale Branch
  Skull Creek, north entrance, Hilton Head Island
  Skull Creek, south entrance, Hilton Head Island
  South Newport Cut, N. Newport River
  South Newport River (Daymark 135)
  St. Simons Light
  St. Simons Sound Bar
  Station Creek, County Landing
  Station Creek, west end
  Summerhouse Point, Bull River
  Sunbury, Medway River
  Thomas Landing, S. Newport River
  Threemile Cut entrance, Darien River
  Tulifiny River, I-95 bridge
  Turnbridge Landing, Salt Water Creek
  Tybee Creek entrance
  Tybee Light
  U.S. 17 Bridge
  Vernon View, Burnside River
  Village Creek Cemetery
  Village Creek Entrance
  Walburg Creek entrance
  Whale Branch entrance
  Wiggins, Chehaw River
  Willtown Bluff, Edisto River
  Wolf Island, south end
  Tides are variations in surface levels of oceans, coasts, bays, and river inlets, caused by the moon and the sun. Local weather conditions can affect tides heights and times, so boat, fish, surf and dive safely.

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