Bandon Tide Chart: Local Tide Times and Predicted High and Low Tides

Understanding the tides can be tricky. The tide at Bandon, Coquille River, OR is currently falling. This article will guide you through reading and using the Bandon Tide Chart effectively.

You’ll learn how to plan activities around the tide times safely. Keep reading to make the most of your time by the water!

Key Takeaways

  • The Bandon Tide Chart shows local tide times, including when high and low tides happen in Bandon, Coquille River, OR. It helps people plan fishing, boating, and beach activities safely.
  • Factors like the moon’s and sun’s pull on Earth affect when tides go up or down. Other things like weather and the shape of the coastline also change tide times.
  • You can look at the chart online to see not just tides but also when the sun and moon rise and set. This information is great for planning outdoor adventures during daylight or under moonlight.
  • The chart gives a number called the tidal coefficient that tells you how much difference there is between high tide and low tide. A bigger number means a bigger change. This helps figure out the best times for activities like clam digging or surfing.
  • Safety tips include checking tide times before going to coastal areas to avoid dangers like quickly rising water or getting stuck on sandbars. Always watch out for bad weather too because it can make tides higher or lower than usual.

Understanding Tide Charts

Tide charts show when the tide is high or low and are used for safety and recreational activities. Factors like the gravitational pull of the moon and sun affect tide times.

What are they and how are they used?

Tide charts, like the Bandon Tide Chart, show local tide times and predicted high and low tides. People use these charts to find out when the ocean will be at its highest or lowest point at Bandon Beaches.

For example, the chart tells you that the next high tide in Bandon, Coquille River, OR is at 12:45 PM and the next low tide is at 6:50 AM. This information helps fishermen, boaters, and beachgoers plan their activities.

Knowing when high tide and low tide will happen lets people stay safe and enjoy their time by the sea better. If you want to go fishing or just walk on the beach in Oregon near Bandon Beaches, checking the tidal patterns can make a big difference.

The chart not only lists times for rising and dropping ocean levels but also includes sun and moon rise/set times which are crucial for planning outdoor activities around natural light conditions.

Factors that affect tide times

Reading the Bandon Tide Chart

Learn to interpret high and low tides, understand the data, and stay safe while enjoying water activities. Access the Bandon Tide Chart online for accurate predictions.

Meaning of high and low tides

High tides occur when the water level is at its highest, covering more of the shoreline. Low tides happen when the water level is at its lowest, exposing more of the shore. These changes in tide levels are due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on Earth’s oceans.

Understanding high and low tides is crucial for planning beach activities and boating, especially in areas like Bandon where tidal variations can impact safety and access to certain areas.

Moving on to “How to interpret the data”.

How to interpret the data

To interpret the data on the Bandon Tide Chart, follow these steps:

  1. Note the times of high and low tides for the day.
  2. Check for any second high or low tide occurrences.
  3. Look at sun and moon rise/set times to understand their influence on tides.
  4. Take note of the tidal coefficient to gauge the range between high and low tides.
  5. Consider solunar activity for optimal fishing times.
  6. Pay attention to weather conditions as they can affect tide behavior.

Importance of knowing tide times for safety and recreation

Knowing tide times is vital for safety and recreation. It helps in planning activities such as fishing, beachcombing, or boating, ensuring they are safe and enjoyable. Understanding high and low tides also plays a crucial role in avoiding potential hazards while exploring the coast.

For example, knowing when the tide is rising can prevent being trapped on offshore rocks or sandbars. Furthermore, being aware of expected tidal coefficients can help determine the best times for certain activities like surfing or clam digging as these are directly linked to tide levels throughout the day.

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Bandon Tide Chart Features

– The Bandon Tide Chart includes sun and moon rise/set times as well as the tidal coefficient and solunar activity.

– Understanding these features is crucial for planning activities and ensuring safety.

Sun and moon rise/set times

One crucial aspect of understanding tidal movements in Bandon is knowing the sun and moon rise and set times. These celestial events have a significant influence on tidal patterns and solunar activity, which in turn affect fishing and wildlife behaviors.

Date Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset
February 11, 2024 7:12 AM 5:49 PM 3:20 PM 5:35 AM

This data highlights the periods of daylight and nocturnal activity, offering insights into the best times for certain activities. Fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts can plan their outings around these times for optimal experiences.

Next, let’s explore the tidal coefficient and its importance.

Tidal coefficient

The tidal coefficient is a measure of the tidal range. It’s calculated using the formula: (High tide height + Low tide height) / 2. Bandon, Coquille River exhibits tidal coefficients ranging from approximately 45 to 55. A higher value indicates a greater difference between high and low tides while a lower value signifies smaller tidal variations during that time period.

Understanding the tidal coefficient can help individuals plan activities such as fishing, beachcombing or boating, depending on how much movement in the tides they desire. This valuable information allows for safer navigation and enjoyment of coastal areas around Bandon.

Solunar activity

The tidal coefficient influences the level of solunar activity, indicating the times when fish are most likely to be feeding. These periods are based on the position of the sun and moon, coinciding with high and low tides. Anglers use this data to plan their fishing trips for optimal success, aligning with peak fish activity.

Solunar charts provide key information about fish behavior related to tide times and moon phases that impact marine life. The Bandon Tide Chart offers valuable insights into these natural cycles, enabling enthusiasts to make informed decisions about when to pursue their favorite coastal activities such as fishing or beachcombing.

Planning Around Tide Times

Plan your fishing and other activities around the tide times. Find out more by reading our blog!

Using the chart to plan fishing and other activities

  1. The Bandon Tide Chart helps in scheduling fishing trips during low tides for better catches.
  2. It assists in organizing beach walks and exploring tide pools during periods of low tide.
  3. It aids in planning oceanfront activities such as swimming and surfing during ideal tidal conditions.
  4. The chart allows for scheduling boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding adventures based on favorable tidal patterns.
  5. It supports the planning of photography sessions at scenic coastal spots during optimal lighting conditions at sunrise or sunset.
  6. It enables the coordination of beach picnics and bonfires while ensuring safety from incoming high tides.
  7. The chart helps in predicting the best times for clam digging and crabbing along the coast.
  8. It assists in timing beachcombing activities to uncover treasures washed ashore by the tides.
  9. The chart supports birdwatching expeditions by indicating when shorebirds are feeding along the shorelines.
  10. It facilitates the planning of leisurely strolls along the coastline, taking advantage of calm seas during low tide periods.

Recommended safety precautions

  1. Check the tide times before heading out to the coast.
  2. Be aware of the potential for rapidly rising tides, especially in areas with mudflats and quicksand.
  3. Avoid getting cut off by the tide by keeping track of its movements while exploring the coastline or tidal areas.
  4. Stay away from cliffs and rocky shorelines during high tides to avoid being swept away by waves.
  5. Pay attention to local weather forecasts and warnings, as strong winds and heavy rain can affect tide heights and create dangerous conditions near the water’s edge.
  6. Always let someone know your plans if you’re venturing out onto less-frequented coastlines or engaging in water-based activities dependent on tide times.

How to print and access the Bandon Tide Chart online

To print and access the Bandon Tide Chart online:

  1. Visit the NOAA Tides & Currents website.
  2. Navigate to the “Tide Predictions” section of the website.
  3. Select “Oregon” as the state and “Coquille River” as the location.
  4. Choose the specific date for which you need tide predictions.
  5. View and print the detailed tide chart for Bandon, Coquille River, including high and low tide times.

After accessing the Bandon Tide Chart online, you can effectively plan your activities around the tide times.


The Bandon Tide Chart provides vital information about local tide times and predicted high and low tides. Understanding the chart can enhance safety and enjoyment for activities such as fishing.

By utilizing the features of the Bandon Tide Chart, individuals can plan their coastal activities with confidence. It’s an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring or enjoying this area’s beautiful coastline.

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