Columbia River Tides Longview: Today’s Tide Predictions and Fishing Times

Columbia River Tides

Finding the best times to fish can be tough. Today’s tide predictions for Longview on the Columbia River are in. This blog post will guide you through understanding today’s tide and how it affects fishing times.

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Key Takeaways

  • Low tide in Longview, Columbia River will be at 04:05 pm with a water level of – 0.66 ft, and high tide will be at 08:49 pm reaching 2.36 ft today.
  • The best times for fishing along the Columbia River are during incoming and outgoing tides, especially early morning or late evening.
  • Today’s weather in Longview shows clear skies with a temperature of 62°F, making it perfect for river activities.
  • Detailed tide predictions and charts are available on the NOAA/NOS/CO – OPS website, offering insights into daily and monthly water levels.
  • Understanding the river’s flow and currents is crucial for safe navigation and successful fishing; real-time data helps plan better.

Tide Predictions for Longview, Columbia River

Today’s tide times and water levels for Longview on the Columbia River can be found in detailed forecast charts, including low and high tide predictions. Fishing conditions are influenced by these tides, so it is vital to check the best fishing times before setting out.

Today’s tide times

Today’s tide predictions for Longview, Columbia River, offer essential insights for those interested in the tides. The table below outlines the key tide times and water levels for today’s date.

Event Time Water Level (ft)
Low Tide 04:05 PM -0.66
High Tide 08:49 PM 2.36

Exploring tide predictions is vital for planning fishing trips and other river activities. Next, we’ll examine the best fishing times on the Columbia River.

Water levels

The next low tide in Longview, Columbia River, Washington will be at 04:05 pm with a predicted level of -0.66 ft. The last high tide for today will be at 08:49 pm with water at the 2.36 ft mark. There are 3 hours and 33 minutes until high tide on Sunday, March 10th, 2024. The predicted tide times for Longview, Columbia River on Saturday, March 16th, 2024 are: first low tide at 2:47 am and first high tide at 8:23 am.

The next high tide for Columbia River entrance in WA is at 4:36 AM and the next low tide is at11:26 AM. The NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS Tide Predictions for Longview in WA in March are available in a monthly calendar view showing the ever-evolving water levels throughout this month.

Low tide and high tide

Low tide at Longview, Columbia River is predicted to be at 04:05 pm today, with the water level reaching -0.66 ft. Later in the evening, High tide is expected at 08:49 pm, with water levels predicted to reach 2.36 ft as per the current forecasts for March 10th, 2024.

The next low tide for Columbia River entrance will occur at 11:26 AM followed by high tide at 4:36 AM. Additionally, detailed predictions and charts for today and upcoming days are readily available for enthusiasts keen on planning their activities around these tides.

Fishing Times on the Columbia River

Discover the best times for fishing on the Columbia River and get insights into favorable fishing conditions. Learn about the prime opportunities to reel in your catch.

Best times for fishing

  • The best times for fishing on the Columbia River are during the tide changes.
  • Fish are more active during the incoming and outgoing tides.
  • Early morning and late evening tend to be prime times for catching fish.
  • Fishing during slack tides (when the water is not moving) may result in slower action.
  • Pay attention to tidal currents and plan your fishing around them.

The information above should help you make the most of your fishing trip along the Columbia River.

Fishing conditions

The fishing conditions on the Columbia River in Longview, WA are optimal during the incoming tide and three hours after high tide. The river’s flow is crucial to consider when planning a fishing trip.

Check the NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS Tide Predictions for detailed insights into river flow and current conditions to ensure safe and successful fishing sessions.

For prime fishing success along the Columbia River, aim to fish during periods of minimal water movement around low or high tide times. Be aware of changes in water levels and currents, as they can significantly impact your fishing experience.

Weather and Sunrise/Sunset Times

Today’s weather and sunrise/sunset times are essential for planning outdoor activities. They provide crucial information on the day’s conditions and available daylight.

Current weather

The current weather in Longview, Columbia River shows clear skies with a temperature of 62°F. The wind is blowing from the northwest at a speed of 10mph. These pleasant and calm conditions are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities by the river.

Sunrise and sunset times reveal that today the sun rose at 6:42 am and will set at 7:08 pm, providing ample daylight for various outdoor pursuits along the Columbia River.

Sunrise and sunset times

Today, the sun will rise over Longview, Columbia River at 6:30 am and set at 7:15 pm. On Sunday, March 10th, sunrise is expected at 6:28 am with sunset following at 7:16 pm. These timings affect fishing and outdoor activities along the river.

Resources for Longview, Columbia River Tides

To find more information about Longview, Columbia River tides, including detailed forecast and river flow data, visit the website for tide charts and tables. It provides tailored resources to help fishing enthusiasts navigate the everchanging river conditions.

Tide charts and tables

Tide charts and tables provide accurate predictions for tidal movements in Longview, Columbia River.

  • They offer detailed information on tide times, including low and high tides, as well as water levels.
  • Users can access forecast tide charts to plan their activities accordingly.
  • The NOAA/NOS/CO – OPS Tide Predictions for Longview, WA are available in a monthly calendar view.
  • Individuals can find tide charts for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week, helping them to make informed decisions related to water activities.

Detailed forecast

Today’s detailed forecast for Longview, Columbia River, Washington shows a low tide at 04:05 pm with water levels reaching -0.66 ft and the last high tide of the day at 08:49 pm standing at 2.36 ft.

Looking ahead to Saturday, March 16th, the first low tide is expected at 2:47 am, followed by the first high tide at 8:23 am. The next high tide for Columbia River entrance is forecasted for 4:36 AM with the subsequent low tide following at 11:26 AM.

Don’t forget to check out NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS Tide Predictions in a monthly calendar view for Longview, WA in March 2024 or explore available Tide charts showing today’s tides and those coming up this week.

River flow and currents

The Columbia River’s flow and currents are influenced by tides, creating dynamic conditions for boating and fishing. Understanding the river’s flow is crucial for safe navigation, especially during changing tide levels.

The movement of water in the Columbia River impacts fishing opportunities, as certain species are more active at specific currents. It is vital to consult current river flow data before embarking on any water activities to ensure safety and optimize the fishing experience.

To check real-time river flow and current data: [Provide link or relevant information]


Today’s tide predictions for Longview, Columbia River, Washington show the next low tide at 4:05 pm and the last high tide at 8:49 pm. The best fishing times are also provided along with current weather and sunrise/sunset times.

Detailed resources like tide charts and tables are available for those interested in planning their activities around the tides. So whether it’s fishing or simply wanting to understand the rhythm of nature, this information equips you for a well-informed experience by the river.

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