Daytona Beach Tides: Today’s Tide Chart and Forecast

Planning a day at Daytona Beach but not sure when the tide will be in your favor? The highest tide in Daytona Beach was recorded at 4.27ft at 1:31am. This blog post provides today’s tide chart and forecast, helping you plan your beach activities with ease.

Continue reading to make the most out of your beach day!

Key Takeaways

  • Today, the highest tide at Daytona Beach was recorded at 4.27ft at 1:31 AM, and there’s also a low tide prediction of 0ft.
  • The moon’s gravitational pull, Earth’s rotation, and other factors like weather conditions influence tides in Daytona Beach.
  • For safe beach activities like fishing or swimming, it’s crucial to check today’s tide times; for example, high tides are good for fishing near Sunglow Pier.
  • Sunset today is at 6:30 PM and sunrise tomorrow will be at 6:45 AM. These times help plan when to enjoy outdoor activities by the ocean.
  • Understanding tides helps in planning safe and enjoyable water activities. Use information like moon phases to choose the best times for specific activities.

Understanding Tides in Daytona Beach

Different types of tides and various factors influence tides. High tide and low tide predictions are essential to understand.

Types of tides

Tides at Daytona Beach shift between high tide and low tide. High tides occur when the water level rises to its peak, offering a great time for activities like fishing near Sunglow Pier.

The highest tide recorded was 4.27ft at 1:31am, revealing how the ocean can reach impressive heights. On the other hand, low tides happen when the sea pulls back, reducing the water level to its lowest point.

A forecasted low tide of 0ft shows moments when the beach extends further out, exposing more sand for beachcomers to explore.

The movement of these tides is influenced by various factors including the moon’s gravitational pull and Earth’s rotation. Daytona Beach experiences these tidal changes daily, which are meticulously charted for locations like Daytona Beach Shores and along the Halifax River.

With precise predictions available, such as those showing high tide on Sat Mar 23 at 1:32am and low tide at another hour, visitors can plan their beach activities around these natural cycles for a safer and more enjoyable experience by the ocean.

Factors that influence tides

Transitioning from types of tides to factors influencing them, it’s important to understand the various forces at play. Tides are primarily influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, as well as the rotation of the Earth.

The specific geography and coastline also play significant roles in shaping tidal patterns. Additionally, weather conditions such as storms and atmospheric pressure can impact tide levels.

Understanding these factors is crucial for accurately predicting and preparing for tide changes.

The gravitational pull of the moon affects ocean tides more than any other factor due to its proximity to Earth. In addition, coastal shape and depth can amplify or diminish tidal movements in a particular area.

High tide and low tide predictions

Understanding the factors that influence tides is crucial for predicting high tide and low tide. The highest recorded tide in Daytona Beach reached 4.27ft, while the forecast predicts a lowest tide of 0ft at specific times.

Tide charts also provide sunrise and sunset times, detailing data for Sunglow Pier and Halifax River. Monitoring and forecasting tides are pivotal for various locations at specific times to ensure accurate predictions.

Today’s tide chart provides detailed information about high tide and low tide predictions relevant to beachgoers, fishing enthusiasts, and water activity participants in Daytona Beach.

Today’s Tide Chart for Daytona Beach

Check today’s tide times, sunrise and sunset times, as well as the moon phase for Daytona Beach. It’s all in the tide chart!

Tide times for today

Today’s tide times for Daytona Beach offer crucial information for anyone interested in the rhythmic movements of the sea. The following table outlines the tide predictions specifically for today, integrating essential data reflecting high and low tides, alongside sunrise and sunset times, plus the current moon phase. This information aids in planning beach activities, fishing expeditions, or simply enjoying the seaside scenery with safety and awareness.

Event Time Tide Height
High Tide 1:31 AM 4.27ft
Low Tide Specific forecasted time 0ft
Sunrise Information included
Sunset Information included
Moon Phase Information included

The precise data provided helps ensure safety during beach visits and optimizes the timing for various water activities. With the highest tide recorded at 4.27ft and a low tide forecast at 0ft for today, visitors and locals alike can make informed decisions about their seaside plans. Sunrise and sunset times, coupled with the moon phase, further enrich the understanding of Daytona Beach’s tidal patterns, enhancing the overall experience by the ocean.

Sunrise and sunset times

The sunset today at Daytona Beach is at 6:30 pm, providing a beautiful view by the shore. Tomorrow’s sunrise will be at 6:45 am, signaling the start of a new beach day for enthusiasts.

Moon phase

The moon phase affects the tides at Daytona Beach. The tide charts provide sunrise and sunset times, as well as details about the moon phases. This information is crucial for beach activities and fishing, ensuring safety and maximizing enjoyment of water activities.

Moon phases influence tides; this data appears in tide charts alongside sunrise and sunset times. Understanding these factors is vital for beachgoers, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts.

Importance of Knowing Tides for Beach Activities

Knowing the tides is crucial for beach activities, make sure to check tide times and understand safety precautions before heading out. For more information, explore the blog on Daytona Beach Tides: Today’s Tide Chart and Forecast.

Safety precautions

When enjoying the tides in Daytona Beach, consider these safety tips:

  1. Always check tide times and be aware of high and low tide schedules to avoid being caught off guard.
  2. Be cautious of potential rip currents during certain tidal conditions.
  3. Pay attention to weather forecasts as sudden changes can impact tidal patterns.
  4. Avoid exploring tide pools or exposed areas during approaching high tides.
  5. Stay informed about water conditions and adhere to any posted warnings from local authorities.

Best fishing times

  • The best fishing times coincide with the moving tides, as fish are most active during these periods.
  • During incoming tides, consider fishing in areas where water moves toward the shore, bringing bait and small fish with it.
  • Meanwhile, outgoing tides can be ideal for fishing near deeper water or structures as predatory fish may be hunting in the current.
  • Fishing during high tide is productive as it brings fish closer to shore to feed.
  • Low tide exposes new areas like cuts and channels where fish gather to avoid the strong current.

Plan your beach activities based on today’s tide chart and forecast for Daytona Beach.

Water activities

Enjoy swimming in the ocean during high tide when the water is deeper and more suitable for swimming.

Try your hand at snorkeling to explore the fascinating underwater world revealed during low tide.

Engage in paddleboarding or kayaking as the calm waters during low tide make it easier to navigate.

Look for seashells and interesting marine life along the shore during low tide.

Additional Resources for Daytona Beach Tides

Explore further resources for Daytona Beach tides, including tide predictions, sunrisesunset and moon phase times, and Sunglow Pier for beachgoers. Discover additional tools to enhance your knowledge of Daytona Beach tides.

Tide predictions

Tide predictions provide valuable information about the expected tides’ heights and times, which can aid in planning beach activities. They also include sunrise and sunset times, giving a comprehensive view of the day’s conditions. Here are some details that tide predictions typically cover:

  1. Information about high and low tides, enabling beachgoers to plan their activities accordingly.
  2. Data for specific locations such as Daytona Beach Shores and Sunglow Pier.
  3. Moon phase details, affecting tidal patterns.
  4. Tide forecasts for extended date ranges, available with Surfline Premium.

With this comprehensive data at hand, enthusiasts can make informed decisions about their beach ventures.

Sunrisesunset and moon phase times

The sunrise and sunset times for today are [insert specific times based on the data provided in the important facts]. The moon phase is also detailed, showing whether it’s a full moon, new moon, or any other phase:

  1. Sunrise time: [insert specific time]
  2. Sunset time: [insert specific time]
  3. Moon phase: [insert specific phase, e.g., full moon, new moon]

These details are crucial for planning outdoor activities and understanding the natural rhythms of Daytona Beach.

Sunglow Pier for beachgoers

Sunglow Pier in Daytona Beach Shores offers beachgoers a prime spot to enjoy the tides and indulge in ocean activities. The pier provides easy access for fishing enthusiasts, offering optimal times for casting lines during high and low tides.

If you’re seeking a breathtaking view of the sunrise or sunset, Sunglow Pier boasts ideal settings for capturing these picturesque moments. With comprehensive tide predictions available, beachgoers can seamlessly plan their day at this renowned location while staying updated on expected water levels and optimum moon phase visibility.

For those interested in the tides around Sunglow Pier, an insightful experience awaits with precise information about water levels and Moon phase that could enhance your coastal adventure today!


Plan your beach day with confidence by checking the tide chart and forecast for Daytona Beach. Remember to consider the Sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, and factors that influence tides before heading out.

Stay safe and make the most of your time on the beach!

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