Long Beach Tide Chart: Local Tide Times and Predictions for Long Beach, CA

Planning outdoor activities in Long Beach, CA, can be tricky without the right information. The next high tide in Long Beach, Inner Harbor is predicted to be at 2:03 AM. This blog post will guide you through understanding local tide times and predictions crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience by the water.

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Key Takeaways

  • Long Beach has high and low tides, influenced by the moon, sun, and winds. For example, the next high tide at Inner Harbor is at 2:03 AM.
  • Tide charts are important for planning safe outdoor activities in Long Beach like fishing and boating. Always check for high and low tide times.
  • To read a tide chart for Long Beach, look for key information such as high and low tides times, tidal coefficient, and swell conditions.
  • Subscribe to marine information services in Long Beach to get updates on tides, water temperature, fishing times, and coastal news.
  • Weather plays a big role in planning beach activities. The current weather is clear with a temperature of 70°F; water temperature around 66°F.

Understanding Tides in Long Beach

Long Beach experiences different types of tides such as high and low tides. Various factors like the moon, sun, and winds affect the tidal patterns in Long Beach.

Types of tides (high and low)

Tides in Long Beach change from high to low throughout the day. High tide happens when sea levels rise, making it a perfect time for boating or high-water fishing. For instance, the next high tide at Long Beach Inner Harbor is at 2:03 AM.

On the other hand, low tide occurs when sea levels fall. This can be ideal for beachcombing or exploring areas usually under water. The next low tide in Long Beach will be at 7:04 PM.

Factors like the moon and sun play big roles in these changes. The gravitational pull from these celestial bodies affects how far up the shore the water reaches during high tides and how much it recedes at low tides.

Wind and weather patterns also influence tidal conditions, either enhancing or reducing their effects on local waters around Long Beach, CA.

Factors affecting tides (moon, sun, winds, etc.)

The moon, sun, and winds play significant roles in influencing the tides in Long Beach. The gravitational pull of the moon causes high and low tides as it orbits around the Earth. Similarly, the sun’s gravitational force affects tide levels.

Also, the local wind patterns can impact how water moves along coastlines and therefore influence tidal behavior.

Understanding these factors is crucial for accurately predicting and preparing for tide changes. By considering these elements, individuals can better plan their outdoor activities such as fishing or boating while also being aware of potential safety hazards associated with tidal shifts.

Importance of Tide Charts for Long Beach

Understanding tide charts is vital for planning outdoor activities and ensuring safety in Long Beach, CA. It helps individuals make informed decisions on when to fish, boat, or engage in other coastal ventures.

Planning for outdoor activities (fishing, boating, etc.)

Plan your outdoor activities in Long Beach, CA based on the tide times. Be aware of high and low tides to ensure safe boating and fishing. Check for sunset and sunrise timings, and upcoming tide predictions to maximize your beach experience.

Safety precautions

When planning outdoor activities in Long Beach, always check the tide schedule and be aware of the current water status to avoid getting stranded by a rising tide. Stay updated on sunset and sunrise times, especially if engaging in beach activities during these periods.

Always keep an eye on the weather forecast as it can impact tidal patterns and coastal conditions. It is advisable to have a basic understanding of tidal ranges for safe navigation and enjoyment of coastal areas.

Heading towards “How to Read a Tide Chart for Long Beach,” here’s how you can decode critical information for better preparation.

Understanding tidal patterns

Tidal patterns in Long Beach are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, causing high and low tides. The tide cycle repeats approximately every 12 hours and 25 minutes.

Unlike a typical clock, this pattern doesn’t follow a strict daily schedule, so it’s essential to consult accurate local tide charts for precise timing.

The water depth at different times impacts outdoor activities like fishing or boating, emphasizing safety precautions. Understanding these patterns is crucial for planning such activities effectively.

Long Beach’s tidal behavior directly affects beach erosion and coastal flooding risks as well, underscoring its significance in coastal management plans.

How to Read a Tide Chart for Long Beach

Understanding a tide chart for Long Beach is simple. Key components include high and low tide times, tidal coefficient, and swell. Subscribing to tide and marine information services also helps in staying informed about the tides.

Key components (high and low tide times, tidal coefficient, swell, etc.)

Long Beach tide charts contain crucial information, such as high and low tide times, tidal coefficient, and swell. Understanding these components is vital for planning outdoor activities like fishing and boating. The tidal coefficient indicates the range between high and low tides, while swell data provides insight into wave conditions. Additionally, being aware of these factors enhances safety precautions and aids in understanding the patterns of tides. Subscribing to marine information services can provide real-time updates on these key components, ensuring accurate planning and preparation.

Subscribing to tide and marine information services

Subscribe to tide and marine information services for Long Beach, CA. Get regular updates on high and low tides, water temperature, fishing times, and coastal news. Stay informed about the ever-changing ocean conditions to plan your outdoor activities with precision.

Additional Information and Resources for Long Beach Tides

Explore weather and water temperature, fishing times and solunar charts, as well as upcoming coastal news and updates for Long Beach tides. Discover a variety of helpful resources to enhance your understanding of local tides.

Weather and water temperature

The current weather in Long Beach, CA is clear with a temperature of 70°F. The water temperature at Long Beach, Inner Harbor, CA is around 66°F according to the latest information.

Both these conditions are prime for outdoor activities like fishing and boating, providing an enjoyable experience for enthusiasts.

As per predictions and historical data, Long Beach can expect mild temperatures ranging from 62°F to 73°F throughout the week. The water temperature will remain consistent at around 65-67°F during this time period.

This stable weather pattern combined with moderate water temperatures makes it an ideal environment for coastal activities such as surfing or leisurely beach outings.

Fishing times and solunar charts

Transitioning from the discussion of weather and water temperature, the focus now shifts to fishing times and solunar charts, another crucial aspect for those interested in tides and outdoor activities in Long Beach, CA.

Fishing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers pay close attention to solunar charts as they provide predictions on the best fishing times. These charts are based on the position of the moon and sun relative to the earth and have a significant impact on marine life activity. Below is a summarized table detailing essential information for fishing times and solunar charts in Long Beach, CA.

Date Best Fishing Times Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset
Today 6:25 PM (Low Tide) 6:59 AM 7:02 PM N/A N/A
Tomorrow 7:04 PM (Next Low Tide) 6:59 AM (Sunrise) 7:02 PM (Sunset) N/A N/A

This table summarizes the optimal fishing times in Long Beach, CA, correlating with the low tide times and the solunar periods. Additionally, knowing the sunrise and sunset times helps anglers plan their fishing expeditions more effectively, ensuring they can make the most out of the peak biting times for various fish species. While the table does not include moonrise and moonset times, these are also crucial components of the solunar chart and can further refine the predictions for the best fishing times.

Upcoming coastal news and updates

Don’t miss out on the latest coastal news and updates for Long Beach, CA. Stay informed about upcoming tide patterns, water temperatures, and significant weather changes that could impact your beach plans.

Whether it’s fishing times or tide charts you’re looking for, our marine experts have got you covered with all the essential information. Keep an eye out for the next heading to catch these vital updates.

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Discover the ebb and flow of Long Beach tides as a crucial tool for planning outdoor activities. Stay informed about local tide times, understand tidal patterns, and safeguard your coastal adventures with valuable insights from tide charts.

Arm yourself with essential marine information services to navigate the ever-changing tides in Long Beach, CA. Access a wealth of resources including weather updates, fishing times, and solunar charts to enhance your coastal experience.

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