Understanding Matagorda Tides: Tide Times, Charts, and Predictions

A person checking tide charts on the shore of Matagorda Bay.Planning activities in Matagorda can be tricky without knowing the tide times. Thankfully, detailed tide charts and predictions are available for locals and visitors. This article will provide essential information on understanding Matagorda tides, helping you plan your coastal activities effectively.

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Key Takeaways

  • Matagorda tides affect water levels, which is important for safe boating and navigation.
  • Tide charts in Matagorda give high and low tide times, sunset and sunrise times, moon phases, solunar period times for fishing, surf reports, and weather forecasts to help plan activities.
  • Moon phases impact the height and strength of tides in Matagorda Bay, influencing outdoor activities like fishing.
  • The best fishing times rely on solunar periods and tides shown in local tide charts.
  • For a fun time in Matagorda Bay, check surf conditions, the weather forecast, and fishing reports along with the tide information.

Importance of Understanding Tides in Matagorda

Understanding Matagorda tides is crucial for safe navigation and coastal activities. It also impacts fishing times and water levels, making it essential to plan outings accordingly.

Water levels and navigation

High tides and low tides in Matagorda Bay greatly affect water levels. Boaters and sailors need to check tide predictions to safely navigate the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Accurate planning prevents getting stuck in low water or facing unexpected shallow areas.

Tide charts for Matagorda offer detailed information on high and low tide times, crucial for navigation. These charts help plan trips around the bay, ensuring safe passage through different water depths.

Knowing the tide times also aids in docking and launching boats without issues.

Impact on coastal activities

Understanding the tides in Matagorda is crucial for coastal activities. The tide times and charts help plan boating, fishing, and surfing trips by providing information on high tides, low tides, and surf conditions.

Additionally, these predictions include sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and weather forecasts to enhance safety and enjoyment along the coast.

Tools for Predicting Tides

Predict tides using tide charts. Check high and low tide times, sunrise and sunset times, and moon phases for accurate predictions.

Tide charts

Matagorda provides detailed tide charts with high and low tide times, along with sunset and sunrise times. These charts also include moon phases and solunar period times important for fishing.

Additionally, they offer surf reports and weather summaries to aid in planning activities effectively. The local tide predictions are regularly updated, providing accurate information on tides, fishing times, and weather forecasts for the coming days.

Fishermen, boaters, and surfers can benefit from these tide charts to plan their activities accordingly.

High and low tide times

To effectively plan coastal activities in Matagorda, understanding the high and low tide times is crucial. The area offers detailed tide times and charts that are regularly updated. These resources are indispensable for anyone looking to engage in activities such as fishing, boating, and surfing. Below is a simplified table format showcasing an example of how high and low tide times might be presented:

Date High Tide Time Low Tide Time High Tide Height (ft) Low Tide Height (ft)
2023-04-01 06:45 AM 02:30 PM 4.5 0.8
2023-04-02 07:10 AM 03:05 PM 4.7 0.6
2023-04-03 07:35 AM 03:40 PM 4.9 0.4

This table provides a snapshot of how tide times and heights can be organized for clarity. Visitors and locals alike rely on these charts for safe and enjoyable experiences in Matagorda Bay, Texas. Accurate planning and safety are enhanced by utilizing the tide charts, which are complemented by solunar period times for those interested in fishing. The inclusion of high tides, low tides, and detailed predictions makes activities around Matagorda’s waters more predictable and enjoyable.

Sunset and sunrise times

Matagorda’s tide charts provide precise sunset and sunrise times for efficient planning. The local tide times also offer information on high tides, low tides, and surfing conditions, catering to the needs of those interested in coastal activities. Additionally, the sunset and sunrise times are essential for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in fishing, boating, or beachcombing along Matagorda Bay.

Navigational insights into tidal patterns also help individuals plan their outings more effectively. So let’s explore how moon phases impact the area’s tides next.

Moon phases

Transitioning from the previous topic of “Sunset and sunrise times,” let’s explore the impact of moon phases on Matagorda tides. The moon phases play a crucial role in influencing the tides, affecting their height and strength. Based on local tide charts, specific moon phases can lead to higher or lower high tides and more extreme low tides. Fishermen consulting the tide predictions also consider these moon phases to determine optimal fishing times.

The changing lunar cycle directly affects the ebb and flow of the water in Matagorda Bay, creating distinctive patterns that align with specific moon phases throughout each month. Understanding these lunar influences is key for boaters, fishermen, and anyone engaging in coastal activities around Matagorda Bay to plan their outings effectively.

Fishing times

Transitioning to the best fishing times, the tide charts for Matagorda also include solunar period times, which are crucial for fishing. Fishermen can benefit from these predictions that show the best fishing times based on the tides and solunar periods. The local tide charts provide essential information for those engaging in activities such as fishing, boating, and surfing in the area.

Other Factors to Consider

Consider surf conditions, the weather forecast, and fishing reports when planning your activities. These factors play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience along the Matagorda coast.

Surf conditions

Surf conditions greatly influence water activities in Matagorda. The tide charts provide details on wave height and direction, helping surfers plan their sessions effectively. Understanding how the tides affect the surf is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience at Matagorda Bay, Texas.

Weather forecast

Matagorda offers a 7-day weather forecast, aiding in advanced planning. The predictions encompass tide times and detailed weather summaries for the area, supporting effective activity planning.

This includes boating, fishing, and surfing plans in Matagorda County, Texas.

Fishing report

Fishermen benefit from the tide charts for planning their fishing trips. The charts indicate the best times to fish based on solunar periods and tides. This valuable information helps fishermen maximize their catch and plan their outings effectively.


Understanding Matagorda tides is crucial for planning activities and ensuring safety on the water. Tide charts, high and low tide times, moon phases, and fishing times are valuable tools for predicting tides.

Other factors such as surf conditions and weather forecasts also play a role in planning coastal activities. Being well-informed about these elements can greatly enhance your experience when engaging in fishing, boating, or surfing in Matagorda Bay, TX.

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