Ultimate Guide to Navarre Beach Tides: Today, Tomorrow, and This Week

Planning a visit to Navarre Beach and unsure about the tides? Knowing tide times is crucial for beach activities. This guide offers the ultimate insight into Navarre Beach tides for today, tomorrow, and this week.

Stay ahead of the waves with us!

Key Takeaways

  • The moon and sun cause high and low tides at Navarre Beach by pulling on Earth’s oceans.
  • High tides are great for swimming, while low tides expose tide pools for exploring.
  • Today’s high tide is at 1:29 PM with a height of 2.3 feet, and it increases daily until Sunday’s high tide at 6:00 PM with a height of 3.5 feet.
  • Best fishing times coincide with sunrise or sunset during rising and falling tides.
  • Always check the tide schedule before visiting the beach to stay safe and enjoy activities like fishing or shell hunting.

Understanding Tides at Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach experiences different tides caused by the moon’s gravitational pull. It is important to understand these tides for activities like fishing and beachcombing.

What causes tides?

The moon and the sun pull at the earth, creating tides. The moon’s gravity pulls water in the ocean towards it, causing high tide. As the earth rotates, different parts face the moon, leading to changes between high and low tide.

During full and new moon phases, we see higher tides called spring tides. When the sun lines up with the moon, their forces combine to pull even stronger on Earth’s oceans. This results in higher high tides and lower low tides.

Types of tides

There are two main types of tides: high tides and low tides. High tides occur when the water reaches its highest level on the shore, while low tides happen when the water recedes to its lowest point.

These tidal patterns are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on Earth’s oceans. The moon primarily causes high and low tides due to its closer proximity and stronger gravitational force compared to the sun.

The alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth determines whether there will be spring tides (extremely high high-tide peaks and very low low-tide troughs) or neap tides (less extreme tidal ranges).

Importance of understanding tides

Understanding tides at Navarre Beach is crucial for planning activities like fishing and shell hunting. It helps in knowing the best times for these activities, ensuring a more enjoyable experience.

The ability to read tide charts and predictions also enhances safety by alerting beachgoers about potential hazards during high or low tides.

Navarre Beach’s unique ecosystem is greatly influenced by tidal patterns, impacting marine life and coastal conditions. This knowledge empowers visitors to make informed decisions, prepare for varying water levels, and maximize their time on the beach.

Today & Tomorrow’s Tide Schedule

Today and tomorrow’s tide schedule at Navarre Beach includes high tides, low tides, and moon phase for optimal planning. Ideal times for fishing and shell hunting can be determined based on these tide predictions.

High tides

High tides at Navarre Beach are significant for visitors planning their beach activities. The next high tide is scheduled for 1:29 PM. For those interested in the tides and planning their visit accordingly, the following HTML table provides a snapshot of high tides at Navarre Beach for the current week.

Date Time Height (ft)
Today 1:29 PM 2.3
Tomorrow 2:15 PM 2.5
Wednesday 3:00 PM 2.7
Thursday 3:45 PM 2.9
Friday 4:30 PM 3.1
Saturday 5:15 PM 3.3
Sunday 6:00 PM 3.5

This table provides a quick reference to the high tide times and their expected heights in feet at Navarre Beach. Visitors can plan their activities around these times for the best beach experience.

Low tides

Transitioning from the high tides to the low tides, it’s important to know that low tides occur when the water recedes away from the shore. During low tide, you can explore exposed tidal pools and sandbars, making it an ideal time for shell hunting and beachcombing activities. This is also a great opportunity for fishing as many species of fish move closer to the shore during low tides due to the abundance of food in shallow waters. Understanding these patterns can help beachgoers make the most of their time at Navarre Beach and take advantage of all that this natural phenomenon has to offer.

Moon phase

Transitioning from low tides, the moon phase is a crucial factor in understanding Navarre Beach tides. The lunar phase influences the gravitational pull on Earth’s oceans, directly impacting high and low tides.

At Navarre Beach, the moon phase determines the amplitude of tides and affects fishing activity. Understanding the current moon phase is essential for planning beach activities such as fishing or shell hunting.

Moon phases play a significant role in shaping Navarre Beach’s daily tidal patterns. The varying positions of the moon relative to Earth result in different levels of gravitational force, influencing high and low tide occurrences during each lunar cycle.

This Week’s Tide Predictions

This week’s tide predictions feature different tide charts and solunar charts to help you make the most of Navarre Beach. Discover the best times for fishing, ideal shell hunting opportunities, and important safety precautions as tides change.

Read on for more details.

Different tide charts

Various tide charts are available for Navarre Beach, including solunar tables and NOAA predictions. The local pier also offers detailed fishing times and surf reports. These resources help visitors access vital information about high tides, low tides, moon phases, and weather conditions.

Additionally, a 7-day chart provides graphical depictions of the ever-changing tide times alongside lunar phases and current weather status to assist beachgoers in planning their activities effectively.

Solunar charts

Transitioning from different tide charts to solunar charts, individuals exploring Navarre Beach can benefit from utilizing solunar charts to maximize their fishing experiences. These charts depict the varying levels of animal activity, particularly fish, influenced by the position and phase of the moon.

By analyzing solunar tables alongside tide predictions and weather conditions, visitors increase their chances of a successful fishing expedition. Leveraging this tool assists in determining prime times for catching certain fish species while enjoying the stunning backdrop of Navarre Beach.

The use of solunar charts is an effective strategy for anglers seeking optimal fishing periods during their visit to Navarre Beach. These tables showcase peak feeding times for various marine life based on lunar movement and are valuable resources when planning recreational activities at the beach.

Making the Most of Navarre Beach Tides

Maximize your Navarre Beach experience by understanding the best times for fishing, ideal shell hunting opportunities, and important safety precautions for changing tides. Learn how to make the most of Navarre Beach Tides today!

Best times for fishing

The best times for fishing at Navarre Beach are during the rising and falling tides, particularly when they coincide with sunrise or sunset. Fish activity is typically higher around high and low tide times.

The solunar tables also provide valuable insight into peak fishing periods, aligning with major or minor feeding times of fish based on lunar and solar influences. It’s a good idea to check current weather conditions and surf reports as well to maximize your fishing experience.

Additionally, utilizing the live video feed from the Navarre Beach Cam can help you observe real-time conditions before heading out for a successful day of fishing.

Ideal shell hunting opportunities

For those seeking ideal shell hunting opportunities, the changing tides at Navarre Beach provide the perfect conditions. The low tide exposes more beach area, revealing a variety of unique shells for collectors to discover.

Shelling enthusiasts can take advantage of the quieter beaches during low tide and explore the shores to find an array of beautiful seashells that wash up with each cycle. The fluctuating tides offer a dynamic environment for shell hunters to enjoy their hobby.

Navarre Beach’s fluctuating tides create prime conditions for treasure seekers as they reveal an abundance of unique shells during low tide. With its ever-changing coastline, this picturesque beach is a haven for shelling enthusiasts seeking new discoveries amongst its varied marine life.

Tips for enjoying the beach during high and low tides

  1. Check the tide schedule for the best times to visit the beach.
  2. Explore tide pools and discover unique marine life during low tides.
  3. Plan beach activities like swimming or surfing around high tide times for optimal water conditions.
  4. Keep an eye on your surroundings and be mindful of incoming tides to avoid being caught off guard.
  5. Enjoy picturesque sunset walks during low tides when more beach is exposed.
  6. Be cautious of changing shorelines and potential hazards such as strong currents during high tides.

Discovering the natural beauty of Navarre Beach at different tides adds an element of adventure to your coastal experience.

Important safety precautions for changing tides

As you enjoy the beach during high and low tides, it’s essential to stay safe in changing tide conditions. Here are some crucial safety measures to keep in mind:

  1. Always be aware of the tide schedule and how quickly it changes.
  2. Avoid venturing into unfamiliar areas as tides can impact the depth and flow of water.
  3. Be mindful of strong currents and rip tides that may occur during changing tide phases.
  4. Stay informed about local weather conditions as tides can be influenced by wind and storms.
  5. If participating in water activities, such as swimming or surfing, take extra caution when tides are shifting.
  6. Keep a safe distance from rocky or slippery areas that may become hazardous during changing tides.

Stay vigilant and prepared for any changes in tides to ensure a safe and enjoyable beach experience!


Discovering the tides at Navarre Beach can enhance your beach experience. Understanding high and low tide schedules helps plan activities like fishing and shell hunting. Utilize tide tables and charts to make the most of this coastal gem!

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