San Diego Tides: Today’s Tide Chart and Predictions

San Diego Tides Chart

Planning your day around the tides in San Diego can be tricky. One key fact is that the next high tide in San Diego is at 1:58 AM and the next low tide is at 10:13 AM. Our article provides today’s tide chart and predictions to make your planning easier.

You’ll find accurate times for high and low tides, sunrise, sunset, and more. Stay informed with us!

Key Takeaways

  • Today in San Diego, the first high tide is at 1:58 AM and the first low tide is at 8:28 AM. The second high tide comes at 2:55 PM and the second low tide at 6:53 PM.
  • Tides in San Diego are affected by the tidal coefficient, moon phase, weather patterns, and oceanography. A higher tidal coefficient means a stronger tide which can lead to king tides with very high water levels.
  • For fishing enthusiasts, knowing the times of high and low tides can help plan a successful outing. Solunar charts also advise on peak fish activity periods based on lunar and solar cycles.
  • To enjoy beach activities fully or navigate marine routes safely, understanding how tides work is crucial. High tides reduce beach area while low tides reveal more space for exploration but might increase risks like rip currents.
  • Sunrise tomorrow in San Diego is at 6:55 AM, and sunset tonight will be at 6:58 PM. These times frame the day’s tidal movements affecting outdoor plans around water activities.

Understanding Tides in San Diego

Tides in San Diego are influenced by the tidal coefficient, predictions and charts, and moon phase. These factors affect high and low tides as well as sunrise and sunset times.

Tidal Coefficient

The tidal coefficient measures how strong or weak the tide will be. A higher number means a stronger tide, which can lead to king tides with very high water levels. For San Diego, knowing this coefficient helps predict the best times for fishing, beach activities, and marine navigation.

It’s based on the moon’s pull on the ocean. The moon phase also affects this number – a full or new moon means higher coefficients.

Charting predictions involves looking at both the tidal coefficient and current moon phase. This way, people planning outings around San Diego’s waters can better understand what to expect from the tides on any given day.

Next up is exploring how these elements come together in today’s tide chart and predictions.

Predictions and Charts

The next high tide in San Diego is at 1:58 AM and the next low tide is at 10:13 AM. The sunset today in San Diego is at 6:58 PM and the sunrise tomorrow is at 6:55 AM. The tide predictions for San Diego show a low tide at 8:27 AM and a high tide at 2:55 PM, providing important information for planning your activities around the tides such as fishing, beachcombing, or boating.

Tides can also affect marine navigation and certain coastal areas, making it crucial to consider before embarking on any maritime adventures.

Today’s Tide Chart and Predictions

Moon Phase

The moon phase plays a crucial role in affecting the tides, influencing their height and timing. As the moon orbits Earth, its gravitational pull causes high and low tides. During a full or new moon, when the sun, moon, and Earth align, we experience higher high tides and lower low tides – known as spring tides.

Conversely, during the quarter moons, when the sun and moon form right angles with Earth, neap tides occur – leading to less extreme tidal fluctuations.

Understanding these lunar phases is essential for those planning activities such as fishing or beachcombing around San Diego’s shores. By knowing how the moon’s position affects tidal patterns through keywords like “high tides,” “low tide times,” and “moonset,” individuals can make informed decisions regarding when to engage in tide-dependent pursuits.

Today’s Tide Chart and Predictions

Today’s tide chart and predictions provide accurate high and low tide times, as well as sunrise and sunset timings for planning outdoor activities. Solunar charts are also available to assist with optimizing fishing opportunities.

High and Low Tide Times

San Diego’s shores are continuously shaped by the rhythmic dance between high and low tides. Insight into today’s tide chart reveals crucial timings for those interested in making the most of their coastal activities.

Event Time
First High Tide 1:58 AM
First Low Tide 8:28 AM
Second High Tide 2:55 PM
Second Low Tide 6:53 PM

This schedule aids individuals planning their day around the tides, whether for fishing, beach outings, or marine navigation. Sunrise at 6:55 AM and sunset at 6:58 PM frame the day, offering a full spectrum of activities from dawn till dusk. Armed with this information, enthusiasts can align their plans with the tidal movements, ensuring a productive and enjoyable time by the San Diego shoreline.

Sunrise and Sunset

The sunrise in San Diego tomorrow is at 6:55 AM, and the sunset today is at 6:58 PM. The changing light during these times affects activities like fishing and beachcombing. These critical times can help plan your day around the tides effectively, ensuring you make the most of your time by the water.

– Solunar Charts

Solunar Charts

Solunar charts provide valuable information for fishing and can help determine the best times to fish based on lunar and solar activity. They show peak feeding periods of fish, aligning with moonrise, moonset, sunrise, and sunset. These charts also indicate major and minor periods when fish are most active or inactive. Anglers use solunar charts to plan their fishing trips effectively, maximizing their chances of a successful catch by being in tune with the natural rhythms of marine life.

Factors Affecting Tides in San Diego

Weather patterns, oceanography, and coastal areas play significant roles in shaping the tides in San Diego. To learn more about these factors, head over to the full blog post.

Weather Patterns

Weather patterns significantly influence the tides in San Diego. Wind, air pressure, and storms all play a role in determining the height and timing of high and low tides. These weather factors can cause significant variations in tidal predictions, impacting activities such as fishing and beachcombing.

Understanding these patterns is crucial for effectively planning activities around the tides.

The interaction between weather patterns and tides creates an intricate system that requires careful consideration when analyzing tide charts and making plans based on them. The complexities of these interactions highlight the dynamic nature of coastal environments, reinforcing the importance of factoring in weather conditions when utilizing tide predictions for various recreational or commercial purposes.


Oceanography, as it relates to tides, plays a crucial role in understanding the dynamics of ocean movements. It involves studying the physical and biological aspects of oceans and their interplay with the atmosphere.

These studies help predict tidal patterns by analyzing factors such as water density, temperature, and salinity. Oceanography also considers the influence of coastal geography on tides, which affects their timing and intensity.

Furthermore, it aids in comprehending how moon phases impact tides by revealing high and low tide occurrences.

The intricacies of oceanography can be observed when evaluating San Diego’s unique coastal features alongside prevailing weather conditions like wind patterns. Such insights contribute significantly to predicting local tide behavior for activities like fishing or beach outings.

Coastal Areas

Transitioning from the complexities of oceanography to coastal areas, it’s important to note that the San Diego coastline is influenced by its unique geography. The changing tides impact beach conditions and marine life, making it a pivotal factor for those engaged in fishing, surfing, or boating activities.

Understanding these tidal patterns and their effects can be crucial for planning a successful day along the coast.

The diverse range of coastal areas in San Diego such as La Jolla and Del Mar experience varying tide predictions, affecting fishing opportunities and beach conditions. It’s not only about high and low tide times but also understanding how specific locations are influenced differently by the tidal shifts.

Tips for Planning Your Day by the Tides

Plan your beach day around fishing tides and marine navigation. Check the tide chart for high and low tide times, then head out!

Fishing Tides

Plan your fishing trip around the tides for better success. Check the high and low tide times for San Diego to find the best times for casting your line. The solunar charts can guide you on the most active periods for fish, helping you make the most of your time by the water.

Timing your fishing adventure with the tides in mind can greatly improve your chances of a great catch.

San Diego’s tides play a crucial role in determining when to head out for a day of fishing. To increase your chances of landing a big one, schedule your trips around high and low tide times.

Beach Conditions

Before hitting the beach, check out the tide charts. Look for low tides – great for hunting tidal pools and finding sea creatures. At high tide, expect reduced sandy areas, especially during storms or king tides.

Keep an eye on currents and waves as they can vary with tides. Pay attention to hazard signs at beaches when planning your visit.

Be mindful of rip currents during approaching high tides before swimming or surfing in San Diego’s coastal waters. Even though it sounds like a peaceful day—especially during low tide—with long stretches of sandy beaches revealed, do not be fooled by changing conditions influenced by the shifting tides in San Diego’s coastline.

Marine Navigation

Understanding the tides in San Diego is crucial for marine navigation. The high and low tide times, as well as tidal coefficient, play a significant role in planning boating activities.

Weather patterns and oceanography also affect coastal areas’ tides, influencing safe navigation for fishing or leisure trips on the water.


Explore San Diego’s tides with today’s predictions and charts. Understand factors influencing the tides and plan your day accordingly. Whether fishing, beachcombing, or marine navigation, let the tide guide you!

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