Siesta Key Tide Chart: Today, Tomorrow, and This Week

Planning a trip to Siesta Key or just curious about the tides? The highest tide of 1.97ft will be at 5:04 pm today. This article provides an easy guide to understanding and using the Siesta Key Tide Chart for today, tomorrow, and this week.

Keep reading to make the most of your time by the water.

Key Takeaways

  • The highest tide at Siesta Key today reaches 1.97ft at 5:04 PM, and the lowest is -0.33ft.
  • Tomorrow’s high tide will be 1.83ft at 5:55 AM, with a low tide of – 0.26ft at 12:14 PM.
  • Tides are caused by the moon and sun’s gravitational pull combined with Earth’s rotation.
  • High tides offer activities like swimming and kayaking, while low tides are perfect for exploring tide pools and beachcombing.
  • Safety precautions include being aware of tide times, local weather forecasts, and red tide conditions to ensure a safe experience on Siesta Key beaches.

Understanding the Tides at Siesta Key

Understanding the tides at Siesta Key involves knowing their definition, causes, types, and effects on marine life and ecosystems. It is essential to grasp the cycle of high and low tides in Sarasota Bay for planning activities and understanding its impact on coastal areas.

Definition of tides

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, combined with the rotation of Earth. Every day, as Earth spins under a tidal bulge on each side, places like Siesta Key experience two high tides and two low tides.

This cycle repeats every 24 hours and 50 minutes, matching our lunar day.

Siesta Key tide charts show these movements in detail. They provide times for high tides, such as today’s highest tide at 5:04 pm reaching 1.97ft, and low tides like the -0.33ft recorded.

People rely on these charts for planning various activities around Sarasota Bay beaches including fishing or simply visiting Crescent Beach to enjoy its beauty safely during favorable conditions.

Causes of tides

The gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on Earth’s water bodies causes tides. The moon’s gravitational force creates a bulge in the ocean on the side facing the moon, while another bulge occurs on the opposite side due to centrifugal force.

This results in high tides where these bulges form and low tides at other points around the globe. Additionally, the sun also affects tides but to a lesser extent than the moon because of its greater distance from Earth.

These combined forces influence tide times and heights for Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota Bay Tides, Longboat Key, Sarasota Pass, and even Crescent Beach.

Types of tides

The gravitational forces of the moon and sun result in two main types of tides: high tide and low tide. These occur approximately every 12 hours and 25 minutes. Spring tides, which have higher high tides and lower low tides, happen during the full moon and new moon phases.

Neap tides, with lower high tides and higher low tides, occur during the first quarter and third quarter moon phases. Understanding these tidal patterns is crucial for planning beach activities or fishing trips in Siesta Key.

The key to enjoying Siesta Key’s stunning coastline lies in knowing when to expect these natural tidal changes so you can make the most of your visit.

Effects on marine life and ecosystems

The gravitational pull of the tides affects marine life and ecosystems. It influences the feeding, breeding, and migration patterns of various sea creatures. Changes in water levels also impact coastal habitats like marshes and mudflats.

The ebb and flow of tides create dynamic environments for marine organisms to thrive, influencing the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems.

Viewing the Siesta Key Tide Chart

Check today’s tide chart, tomorrow’s tide chart, and the upcoming week’s tide times at Siesta Key Beach – discover the best times to explore the tides!

Today’s tide chart

Today’s tide chart for Siesta Key showcases the expected tidal movements, beneficial for enthusiasts and locals planning their day by the sea.

Time Tide Height (ft)
5:04 PM High Tide 1.97
Recorded earlier Low Tide -0.33

This chart highlights the highest tide at 5:04 PM reaching 1.97ft and the lowest tide earlier at -0.33ft. Such information proves crucial for beachgoers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Tomorrow’s tide chart

Looking ahead to tomorrow, the Siesta Key tide chart indicates a high tide of 1.83ft at 5:55am and a low tide of -0.26ft at 12:14pm. These tidal fluctuations offer opportunities for various beach activities, including fishing and exploring the shoreline. Referencing the Sarasota Beach tide times provides valuable insights for planning outdoor pursuits and understanding the rhythm of nature in this coastal area.

Tide times for this week

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, individuals eager to explore Siesta Key’s tides can rely on the tide chart for accurate information. With detailed forecasts available, including tide times and heights for Siesta Beach, Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key, and more, it’s a valuable resource for planning any beach-related activities or fishing ventures. Whether keeping an eye on the best moments to hit the shores or hoping to witness the natural beauty of changing tides, this week’s forecast provides essential details about when high and low tides will occur.

Other Helpful Information

Explore additional details about Siesta Key’s tides, including the best times for fishing, current weather in the area, and factors that influence tidal patterns. Delve into the intricacies of enjoying Siesta Key’s tides with safety precautions and information about red tide occurrences.

Best fishing times

  • The best fishing times often coincide with the periods around sunrise and sunset.
  • During the high tide, fishing can be productive as it brings an abundance of fish closer to shore.
  • Early morning and late afternoon are ideal for casting lines due to increased fish activity.
  • Pay attention to the moon phase as it can also influence fish behavior and feeding patterns.
  • Fish tend to be more active during incoming tides, making it a favorable time for angling.
  • Consider using live bait or lures that mimic natural prey during peak feeding times.
  • Anglers should be aware of local regulations and restrictions when planning fishing trips.

Current weather in Siesta Key

The current weather in Siesta Key is sunny and warm with a temperature of 83°F. A gentle breeze from the east will keep the air pleasant as you explore the beautiful beaches and enjoy outdoor activities.

The day promises clear skies, making it perfect for beach walks, sunbathing, or simply relaxing by the ocean. Whether you plan to take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico or observe marine life near the tide pools, this delightful weather sets an ideal backdrop for your coastal adventures.

About the tides for Siesta Key

Siesta Key experiences two high and two low tides every day, approximately 50 minutes later than the previous day. The tide chart provides information on today’s highest tide of 1.97ft at 5:04pm and tomorrow’s lowest tide of -0.33ft.

It also includes essential data for planning activities or fishing in Siesta Key, offering a detailed forecast for Sarasota Bay and Longboat Key, which is just off the coast.

Factors that influence tides

Factors that influence tides:

  1. Gravitational pull of the moon and sun
  2. Earth’s rotation and its impact on tidal patterns
  3. Shape and depth of the ocean floor
  4. Coastal topography and geography affecting tides
  5. Wind strength and direction influencing tidal movement

Understanding these factors helps in planning beach activities based on the tide schedule.

Now, let’s explore activities to do during high tide.

Enjoying Siesta Key’s Tides

Explore the fun activities to do during high and low tides at Siesta Key! Discover the excitement of the tides and plan your perfect beach day. Read on for more adventures.

Activities to do during high tide

During high tide, visitors to Siesta Key can indulge in the following activities:

  1. Swimming: Enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Boogie Boarding: Catch some waves and ride the surf during high tide for an exhilarating experience.
  3. Beachcombing: Explore the expanded shoreline and hunt for seashells or unique marine treasures brought in by the high tide.
  4. Bird Watching: Observe shorebirds and seabirds as they gather near the water’s edge during high tide.
  5. Sailboarding or Windsurfing: Take advantage of strong winds during high tide for an exciting sailboarding or windsurfing session.
  6. Kayaking: Glide through coastal areas and intricate tidal channels, providing access to areas only navigable during high tides.
  7. Photography: Capture stunning images as the higher water levels create dynamic scenes along Siesta Key’s coastline.
  8. Picnicking: Set up a beach picnic farther from the waterline, taking advantage of expanded sandy areas created by high tide.
  9. Beach Volleyball: Engage in a spirited game of beach volleyball on compacted sand surfaces during high tide.
  10. Sunbathing: Relax on dry, soft sands closer to dunes or designated beach areas while watching the ocean ebb and flow at its peak level.

Activities to do during low tide

During low tide, there are various activities to enjoy on Siesta Key’s beautiful beaches:

  1. Explore the tide pools to discover marine life up close.
  2. Take a leisurely walk along the extended shoreline and collect seashells.
  3. Engage in beach sports like volleyball or frisbee on the newly exposed sand.
  4. Set out for a relaxing swim in the calm, shallow waters.
  5. Try your hand at paddleboarding or kayaking as the water recedes further from the shore.
  6. Participate in a guided eco – tour to learn about the diverse tidal ecosystems.
  7. Enjoy a serene beach picnic with panoramic views during this time of day.

Transition: As you explore these low tide activities, remember to also consider tides for fishing and be aware of safety precautions while reveling in Siesta Key’s natural beauty!

Safety precautions

When enjoying the tides at Siesta Key, it’s important to be mindful of safety. Here are some crucial safety precautions to bear in mind:

  1. Always be aware of the tide times and heights to avoid being caught off guard.
  2. Pay attention to local weather forecasts and warnings before heading out to the beach.
  3. Be cautious of slippery and uneven surfaces while exploring tide pools during low tide.
  4. Respect any posted warning signs regarding red tide and adhere to guidelines provided by local authorities.
  5. Exercise caution when engaging in water activities during high tides, particularly for swimming or boating.

Remember that safety is paramount when enjoying the natural beauty of Siesta Key’s tides.

Red tide in Siesta Key

Red tide in Siesta Key has been a concern. Red tides are caused by algal blooms that can harm fish, shellfish, and marine mammals. It is important to monitor red tide reports before any beach activities or fishing in Siesta Key, especially if you have respiratory issues.

Keep updated with reliable sources for the latest red tide conditions along the Gulf Coast of Florida.


Discover the Siesta Key Tide Chart for today, tomorrow, and this week. Plan your beach activities with precision using the detailed tide forecast for Sarasota Bay. Whether you’re fishing or exploring tide pools, this valuable resource has got you covered! Stay informed about the best times to visit Siesta Beach and make the most of your coastal adventures in beautiful Siesta Key.

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