SPI Tides: Today’s High and Low Tide Forecast for South Padre Island

Planning a day at South Padre Island can be tricky with the shifting tides. Today’s high tide is expected at 11:21am, making it a perfect time for activities. This blog post will guide you on how to use today’s tide forecast to plan your visit better.

Stay informed and make the most out of South Padre Island’s beautiful coastal offerings. Keep reading for all you need to know about today’s tides!

Key Takeaways

  • Today’s high tide at South Padre Island is at 11:21 am and the low tide is expected at 1:02 am.
  • The Surfline Premium feature gives access to extended range forecasts for better planning of coastal activities.
  • NOAA Tide Predictions provide reliable information on high and low tides for safe navigation and fishing plans.
  • Important tidal factors include the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, Earth’s rotation, water depth, coastline shape, wind patterns, atmospheric pressure, and ocean currents.
  • Sunrise times are included in the tide forecast to assist in scheduling activities like fishing, boating, or beachcombing around optimal daylight hours.

Understanding Tides and their Importance

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the gravitational forces exerted by the moon and sun. They play a crucial role in fishing, coastal activities, and marine navigation.

Definition of tides

Tides are the rising and falling of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth. Ocean tides bring about high tide, when water reaches its highest level on the shore, and low tide, when it drops to its lowest point.

These ocean movements play a critical role in marine navigation, influencing how ships enter ports.

Several factors influence tides including the position of the Moon and Sun relative to Earth. For instance, during a full moon or new moon, tides are especially strong due to the alignment of these celestial bodies.

This phenomenon results in what we call spring tides. Conversely, when the sun and moon are at right angles with respect to Earth, we experience neap tides which are weaker. Understanding these patterns is essential for planning various coastal activities such as fishing or surfing at South Padre Island.

Factors that affect tides

Tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, as well as the water’s depth and shape of the coastline. Other factors include wind patterns, atmospheric pressure, and ocean currents. Also, the Earth’s rotation impacts tidal movement.

Importance for fishing and coastal activities

The tidal movements greatly influence fishing and coastal activities. Understanding the high and low tides is vital for planning fishing trips, as it impacts fish behavior and feeding patterns.

Coastal activities such as boating, swimming, and beachcombing are also affected, with changing water levels impacting accessibility to certain areas at different times of the day.

Knowing the tide schedule helps fishermen choose the best times for catching fish while ensuring safety during coastal pursuits.

Today’s High and Low Tide Forecast for South Padre Island

Explore the tide chart for the next 30 days and discover key information to enhance your coastal activities. Utilize features of the tide forecast to make the most of your time at South Padre Island.

Tide chart for the next 30 days

Referencing the importance of understanding the tides for various coastal activities, it’s essential to have access to accurate tide forecasts. For those interested in South Padre Island’s tides, here’s a concise tide chart for the next 30 days. This table includes dates, times for high and low tides, and their corresponding heights, providing critical information for fishing, surfing, and other beach activities.

Date High Tide Time (AM/PM) High Tide Height (ft) Low Tide Time (AM/PM) Low Tide Height (ft)
Today 11:21 AM 1.31 1:02 AM -0.66
Tomorrow 1:01 PM N/A 3:16 AM N/A

This chart serves as a guide for planning activities around the tides at South Padre Island. With detailed information on both high and low tides, individuals can make informed decisions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by the water. The Surfline Premium feature further aids in providing extended range forecasts.

Moving on, understanding how to utilize this tide forecast effectively is crucial for maximizing your coastal experience.

Key information to know

The high tide for South Padre Island today is at 11:21am, while the low tide is expected at 1:02am. Tomorrow’s high tide will be at 1:01pm, with the sunrise scheduled for 7:33am. The NOAA Tide Predictions show a low tide at 2:15am and a high tide at 12:06pm in South Padre Island.

Additionally, the tide forecast for South Padre Island offers extended date ranges with Surfline Premium feature for planning fishing and surfing activities.

The Coast Guard Station in South Padre Island recorded a high tide of 1.31ft at 1:45pm. The available information about high and low tides can help plan coastal activities effectively based on the specific dates and times provided by the tide chart for South Padre Island.

Features of the tide forecast

  1. The tide forecast includes sunrise and sunset times for South Padre Island, aiding in planning coastal activities.
  2. It provides specific high and low tide times, crucial for fishing and coastal navigation.
  3. Users can access extended date ranges for the tide forecast through Surfline Premium, supporting long-term planning.
  4. The forecast offers information on solunar charts, aiding fishermen in predicting fish feeding patterns.
  5. It includes NOAA Tide Predictions at 8779748, South Padre Island, providing reliable data for safe coastal endeavors.
  6. The Coast Guard Station’s recorded high tide times offer additional confirmation of tidal patterns.
  7. The tide chart details the rise and fall of tides, enabling accurate scheduling for water – based activities.
  8. Related search options for fishing tides and forecasts are available, catering to diverse coastal interests.

How to Use the Tide Forecast

Make the most of your coastal activities using the Surfline Premium feature, accessible for extended date ranges. For more details, read on.

Using the Surfline Premium feature

Access extended date range for tide forecast with Surfline Premium.

View high and low tides beyond the next 30 days.

Get detailed coastal forecasts and tide charts for Gulf of Mexico.

Available for extended date ranges

The tide forecast for South Padre Island is accessible through Surfline Premium, offering predictions for an extended 30-day period. Users can plan fishing, surfing, and coastal activities with confidence, leveraging the detailed information to make informed decisions about their excursions to the coast.


For accurate high and low tide forecasts in South Padre Island, check out NOAA Tides & Currents. Find tide tables for specific dates and times to plan coastal activities such as fishing or surfing.

Surfline Premium offers extended date range forecasts to help you make the most of your time at the beach. Keep track of sunrise times along with tides for a complete coastal experience.

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