Stockton Tide Chart: Today’s High and Low Tides for Stockton, California

Stockton Tide Chart

For anyone planning a day by the water in Stockton, California, knowing today’s tide times is crucial. Today, Stockton will experience both high and low tides, with the next high tide at 10:34 AM.

This blog post offers insights into how these tidal patterns can influence your activities along the San Joaquin River. With tips on fishing times and safety advice, you’ll be more than ready to make the most of your day.

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Key Takeaways

  • Today’s high tide in Stockton is at 10:34 AM, and low tides are at 4:23 AM and 10:21 AM.
  • The water temperature around Stockton is about 63°F, affecting fish behavior and the fishing experience.
  • The sunset today will happen at 7:18 PM, with sunrise tomorrow at 7:13 AM.
  • The moon phase is waxing gibbous, leading to strong tidal movements that impact fishing conditions.
  • Tidal charts show when to expect high and low water levels, helping plan activities like fishing or boating along the San Joaquin River Delta.

Understanding Tide Charts

Tide charts are important for understanding high and low tide times. They provide information on the moon phase and how it impacts the tides.

What are Tide Charts and How to Read Them

Tide charts show the daily high and low water levels at coastal areas. They predict when the tide will rise or fall at a specific location, like Stockton, California. These charts use times and measurements.

For example, in Stockton, you might see a high tide listed at 10:34 AM with a certain height in feet.

To read these charts, look for two main things: the time of high and low tides and their height in feet or meters. High tide is when water reaches its highest point on shore; low tide is its lowest.

The chart may also show tidal coefficients, representing the range between high and low tides. A higher coefficient means a greater difference between high and low tides. This information helps people plan activities like fishing or boating in areas such as the San Joaquin River Delta.

Importance of Knowing Tides

Knowing tides helps plan fishing trips. It affects fish activity and the best fishing times. Tides also impact coastal activities, like boating and beach visits. Understanding them enhances safety and enjoyment on the water.

Being aware of tides is vital for anyone near coastal areas, especially fishermen and sailors. Timing activities according to tide charts can improve success and safety.

Today’s Tide Times for Stockton

Stockton’s high and low tide times, sunset and sunrise times, moon phase, and solunar charts are available for today. Additional coastal information such as water temperature, swell, tidal coefficient, sunrise and moonrise/moonset times along with astronomical observations is also included.

High Tide and Low Tide Times

Today’s tide times for Stockton, California, are key for anyone with an interest in the tides, whether for fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the coastal scenery. The tides in Stockton fluctuate throughout the day, providing various opportunities and conditions for locals and visitors alike.

Time Tide Height
4:23 AM Low 0.92 ft
8:32 AM High Not Specified
10:21 AM Low Not Specified
3:30 PM High Not Specified

This table presents the high and low tide times for today in Stockton, California. Note that the height for some of the tides wasn’t specified in the provided facts, so those are marked as “Not Specified.” Keeping track of these tides is essential for various activities, especially fishing, as they significantly influence fish behavior and activity levels.

Sunset and Sunrise Times

Moon Phase

After knowing the sunset and sunrise times, understand the moon phase. The moon is currently in its waxing gibbous phase, which means it’s gradually becoming a full moon. This phase of the moon will result in strong tidal movements, affecting the fishing conditions and water activities along Stockton’s waterfront and marina.

Solunar Charts

Solunar charts provide information about the best times for fishing, based on the position of the sun and moon. These charts indicate major and minor feeding periods when fish are more likely to be active, making them beneficial for anglers. The solunar periods coincide with sunrise and sunset, offering significant insights into fish behavior during different phases of the day. By utilizing this data alongside tide times and lunar phases, fishermen can increase their chances of a successful catch in Stockton’s coastal area.

The solunar theory suggests that wildlife activity is influenced by the gravitational forces from the sun and moon. This concept provides valuable guidance for outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting, aiding enthusiasts in maximizing their time spent outdoors. Understanding these patterns can lead to fruitful fishing experiences along Stockton’s waterfront, marina, and other popular fishing spots identified in San Joaquin River Delta tides researches related to delta tides for fishing in Stockton also underscore its importance.

How Tides Affect Fishing

Tides affect fishing by influencing fish activity and determining the best times for fishing in Stockton. For more information, dive into the full blog!

Fish Activity During Different Tides

During different tides, fish activity changes:

  1. During high tides, fish tend to move closer to the shore, feeding in shallow waters.
  2. Low tides expose more areas where fish are concentrated, making it easier to locate and catch them.
  3. Incoming tides bring a surge of baitfish to feeding areas, attracting predatory fish.
  4. Outgoing tides cause fish to move from shallow feeding areas back towards deeper water.

Understanding these patterns can optimize fishing success based on the tide times and activities of the target species.

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Best Fishing Times for Stockton

For the best fishing in Stockton, aim to fish during incoming tides, especially around high tide and two hours before until two hours after. During this time, fish are more active due to increased water movement and feeding opportunities.

Focus your fishing efforts near structures like piers, breakwaters or jetties where the flowing water brings baitfish and other prey for larger game fish to target. Utilize live bait or lures that mimic local baitfish movements for better results in catching striped bass, sturgeon, salmon or catfish.

When fishing during outgoing tides, look for areas with deeper channels close to shallow flats where predatory fish gather as the waters recede. This phase offers another window of opportunity as fish will continue actively feeding before seeking shelter in deeper waters when tides change.

Do not restrict yourself to daylight hours; night fishing can also yield great catches particularly during full moons when certain species tend to be more active under moonlit conditions.

Be sure you have proper lighting equipment and are aware of safety precautions if embarking on a night fishing adventure in Stockton’s coastal area.

Stockton Weather and Coastal Information

Stockton Weather and Coastal Information include water temperature, swell, tidal coefficient, sunrise and moonrise/moonset, and astronomical observation. To find out more about Stockton’s tides and coastal conditions, keep reading.

Water Temperature

The water temperature in Stockton, California is approximately 63°F today. This temperature can impact fish behavior and affect the overall fishing experience. Understanding the water temperature can help anglers determine the best times and spots for fishing in Stockton and its coastal area, providing valuable insights for a successful fishing outing.


As the tide goes in and out, so does the swell. People interested in tides should note that the current swell for Stockton is approximately 2 feet, making it favorable for a variety of water activities such as surfing and boating.

The gentle swell creates ideal conditions for coastal exploration and beachcombing along Stockton’s waterfront areas.

Swell plays a crucial role in marine life activity and can indicate optimal fishing times. For instance, a moderate swell may entice fish to venture closer to shore, providing ample opportunities for anglers at Stockton fishing spots to reel in their catch.

Tidal Coefficient

The tidal coefficient is a measure of the range between high and low tide caused by the gravitational forces of the moon and sun. It helps predict the intensity of tides, with higher coefficients indicating more extreme tidal movement.

For Stockton, California, today’s tidal coefficient indicates moderate tidal activity, influencing fishing prospects and coastal conditions along the San Joaquin River Delta. Understanding this coefficient aids in planning outdoor activities such as boating or beach visits according to tide-related variations.

With a current tidal coefficient in Stockton, California signaling moderate tidal influence, it becomes essential for those engaged in marine activities to be mindful of changing water levels and potential impacts on coastal areas.

Sunrise and Moonrise/Moonset

As the day dawns in Stockton, California, the sunrise is expected at 7:13 AM tomorrow. The moonrise today will occur at 5:27 PM and the moonset at 4:38 AM. These celestial events play a crucial role in influencing tides and are essential factors to consider for those interested in coastal activities like fishing or boating in Stockton.

The alignment of sunrise and moonrise/moonset times with high and low tides impacts various coastal endeavors. Understanding these natural rhythms is vital for anyone planning activities on or near the water, enhancing their experience while ensuring safety.

Astronomical Observation

The sunset today in Stockton is at 7:18 PM and the sunrise tomorrow is at 7:13 AM, marking the end and start of another day. The moon phase for today is a waxing gibbous with 93% illumination, providing picturesque night sky views.

These celestial events align with the tidal actions, influencing fishing opportunities and coastal activities along Stockton’s waterfront.

Astronomical observation complements the rhythm of tides, affecting not only the marine life but also offering captivating moments under the ever-evolving celestial canopy. It intertwines nature’s elements seamlessly, impacting various aspects relevant to those seeking not just tide predictions but a deeper connection to Stockton’s coastal area.


Today’s high and low tides for Stockton, California are crucial for fishing and coastal activities. The tide chart provides vital information about fish activity, best fishing times, and water conditions.

Understanding the tides can enhance outdoor experiences and safety along the waterfront. With knowledge of today’s tide times in Stockton, individuals can plan their day around optimal conditions for fishing or enjoying the coastline.

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