Surfside Beach Tide Chart: Today’s High and Low Tide Times and Forecast

Surfside Beach Tide Chart

Planning a trip to Surfside Beach and wondering about the tides? Today’s highest tide reached 4.59ft at 2:22am, and the lowest will drop to 0.33ft at 9:39pm. This blog offers insights into today’s tide times and forecasts, making your visit more enjoyable.

Keep reading for valuable tips on fishing and making the most of your beach day.

Key Takeaways

  • Today’s high tide at Surfside Beach was 4.59ft at 2:22am, and the lowest tide will be 0.33ft at 9:39pm.
  • Tides are caused by the moon and sun’s pull on Earth, affecting fishing times and beach activities.
  • The best times to fish at Surfside Beach are during early morning and late evening when tides change from high to low or low to high.
  • Use the Surfline App for accurate tide information, including high and low tide times, sunrise, and sunset times specific to Surfside Beach.
  • Understanding solunar factors offers insights into peak feeding periods for fish, improving fishing success.

Understanding Tides and Their Impact on Surfside Beach

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. They affect marine life, coastal erosion, and navigation.

Cycles and Causes of Tides

The moon and the sun pull on Earth’s oceans, creating tides. This gravitational pull makes water levels rise and fall along coasts every day. Tides cycle from high to low in a predictable manner.

The position of the moon and the sun relative to Earth affects this cycle greatly.

During a full or new moon, when the Earth, sun, and moon align, we see higher high tides called spring tides. During quarter moons, when the sun and moon form a right angle with Earth, lower high tides occur, known as neap tides.

These cycles influence activities like fishing at Surfside Beach based on tide times and heights listed in tidal charts.

Effects on Life on Earth

Tides affect marine life by influencing feeding and breeding patterns. The rise and fall of tides impact coastal ecosystems and the availability of food for various species. For example, low tide exposes new areas for feeding while high tide provides access to deeper water and offers protection from predators.

The moon’s gravitational pull is responsible for most tides on Earth, followed by the sun’s influence. This gravitational dance between these celestial bodies creates a rhythm that impacts the behavior of marine creatures, shaping their daily activities in harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides.

Surfside Beach Tide Chart: Today’s High and Low Tide Times

Check out today’s high and low tide times for Surfside Beach, along with the forecasted weather. Find the best fishing times based on the tides and plan your beach activities accordingly.

Best Fishing Times for Surfside Beach

Identifying the best fishing times for Surfside Beach requires understanding the tidal movements. Today’s highest tide at Surfside Beach reached 4.59ft at 2:22am, and the lowest tide will drop to 0.33ft at 9:39pm. Fish are more active during the transition between high and low tides.

Date High Tide Low Tide Best Fishing Times
March 14th 4.59ft at 2:22am 0.33ft at 9:39pm Early morning and late evening
March 15th Info Not Provided Info Not Provided Check local tide chart

Fish tend to feed more during the hours surrounding high and low tides. Early morning and late evening offer the best opportunities for successful catches at Surfside Beach, particularly when the tides are transitioning. Always refer to the local tide chart for the most accurate fishing times.

Current Weather and Forecast

The current highest tide at Surfside Beach was 4.59ft at 2:22am, while the lowest tide will be 0.33ft at 9:39pm today. The forecast also includes sunrise and sunset times for Surfside Beach, essential information for planning beach activities around the tides.

Surfside Jetty tide times and charts for San Luis Pass, Texas are available as well, providing a comprehensive outlook on the tidal state throughout the day. This practical insight enables beachgoers to make informed decisions about their coastal adventures based on accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts and tide predictions.

Making the Most of Surfside Beach’s Tides

Maximize your experience at Surfside Beach by optimizing fishing strategies based on the tides and leveraging solunar and sun/moon times to increase your chances of a successful catch.

Enhance your knowledge about tide patterns to make informed decisions that will lead to a more productive and enjoyable beach visit.

Fishing Tips and Tricks

  • Check the high and low tide times for the best fishing opportunities.
  • Utilize the Surfline App to track ocean tides and weather conditions.
  • Consider sunrise and sunset times when planning your fishing trip according to the tide forecast.
  • Refer to the specific tide charts for Surfside Beach and nearby areas like Myrtle Beach for tailored fishing plans.
  • Use solunar and sun/moon times to optimize your fishing experience.

Solunar and Sun/Moon Times

The Solunar and Sun/Moon Times are crucial for fishing enthusiasts. It helps in determining the best times to fish based on the position of the sun and moon. The combination of solunar factors provides insights into peak feeding periods for fish, enhancing fishing success.

Additionally, understanding solunar influences can optimize outdoor activities around Surfside Beach. The sun/moon rise and set times play a significant role in this determination.

These factors create tailored opportunities for individuals seeking specific moments within these ever-changing cycles.

Additional Resources for Surfside Beach Tides and Fishing

Looking for more information about Surfside Beach tides and fishing? Find the Surfline App, extended date ranges for tide predictions, and location-specific charts. Contact details and additional resources are available as well.

Surfline App

Check out the Surfline app for accurate and up-to-date tide information, including high and low tide times. It also provides sunrise and sunset times for Surfside Beach, helping you plan your beach activities effectively.

The app covers 7-day tide forecasts, tailored to specific locations such as Garden City Pier (Ocean) and Surfside Jetty in Texas. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or simply love the ocean, this user-friendly app is your go-to resource for all things related to beach tides and weather.

Extended Dates and Location-Specific Charts

Surfline App offers an expanded range of dates and location-specific charts for Surfside Beach and nearby areas, like Garden City Pier (Ocean) and San Luis Pass, Texas. The extended dates provide detailed information on high and low tide times for the next 7 days at specific locations.

This includes essential details such as sunrise and sunset times, along with the precise measurements of each tide to aid your coastal activities or fishing plans near the beach.

These resources are invaluable for anyone interested in understanding tides’ impact on daily life or planning outdoor activities around them, be it fishing or simply enjoying a day by the ocean.

About Us and Contact Information

Our team provides accurate and reliable information on tide times and forecasts for coastal areas like Surfside Beach. The tide charts offer details such as high and low tides, sunrise and sunset times, and specific dates for planning beach activities or fishing trips.

We also provide additional resources like the Garden City Pier (Ocean) tide chart near Surfside Beach, catering to those seeking location-specific tidal information. For inquiries or further assistance, feel free to contact us through the provided channels.

If you seek precise data about ocean tides at Surfside Beach or require guidance on making the most of the tides for fishing or recreational purposes, our team is here to assist you.


Discover the beauty of Surfside Beach with its tide charts and forecasts for the best fishing times and weather updates. Plan your beach activities around today’s high and low tide times, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Explore additional resources to enhance your understanding of tides, including location-specific charts and apps such as Surfline. Take advantage of this valuable information to make the most of your time at Surfside Beach.

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