Texas City Dike Tides Forecast: Today’s High and Low Tide Times

Texas City Dike Tides Forecast

Checking the tides is crucial for anyone planning a visit to Texas City Dike. Knowing today’s high and low tide times can save you from getting stuck or missing the best fishing hours.

This article brings you the latest tide forecasts, ensuring your safety and maximizing your enjoyment at Texas City Dike. Keep reading for essential tips on how to stay informed about water levels!

Key Takeaways

  • Tides at Texas City Dike change twice a day, with different types like spring and neap tides affecting water levels. The sun and moon’s positions play a big role in these changes.
  • Knowing the high and low tide times is key for safety and fishing success at Texas City Dike. For example, on March 15, 2024, expect low tide at 3:18am and high tide at 12:22pm.
  • Live camera footage gives real – time updates on water levels and conditions at Texas City Dike. This helps visitors make informed decisions about when to fish or enjoy other activities.
  • You can find the latest tide forecasts using websites like iKitesurf.com or NOAA’s mobile app. These tools provide accurate tide times, sunrise/sunset times, and live camera views.
  • Tide charts are essential for planning visits to Texas City Dike. They offer details on predicted high and low tides which help in scheduling fishing trips or navigating safely around the dike.

Understanding Tides

Tides come in different types and are affected by various factors. Monitoring them is crucial for safety and fishing times.

Types of tides

Tides change how deep the water is at Texas City Dike and can be different types. Some tides are high, making the water level rise. Others are low, causing the water to fall. These changes happen twice each day.

Spring tides and neap tides also affect Texas City Dike. Spring tides occur when the sun and moon line up, which makes higher high tides and lower low tides. Neap tides happen when the sun and moon form a right angle, leading to less difference between high and low tide levels.

Factors that affect tides

The gravitational pull of the moon and the sun influences tides. The alignment, distance, and phase of these celestial bodies impact the height and timing of high and low tides. Additionally, coastal shape, depth, and weather conditions play a role in shaping tides’ patterns.

Water levels are affected by the gravitational forces from both the moon and sun. The alignment, distance, and phase of these celestial bodies impact the height and timing of high and low tides.

Coastal shape, depth, as well as weather conditions also influence tide patterns.

Importance of Monitoring Tides in Texas City Dike

Monitoring tides at Texas City Dike is crucial for assessing water levels, ensuring safe fishing times, taking necessary safety precautions, and noting sunrise and sunset times.

Water levels

Water levels at Texas City Dike play a crucial role in determining fishing times and safety precautions. The fluctuating water levels also affect the best times for anglers to catch fish.

By monitoring the high and low tide times, individuals can plan their fishing trips accordingly, ensuring a successful and safe experience near Galveston Bay. Live camera footage provides real-time updates on water level changes, enabling visitors to stay informed about current conditions while at the dike.

The importance of understanding water levels lies in ensuring safety when navigating the coastal area. Monitoring tides helps individuals make well-informed decisions regarding activities such as boating or fishing during specific tidal conditions, ultimately enhancing their overall experience in this unique marine environment.

Fishing times

Plan your fishing trip at Texas City Dike by taking note of the high and low tide times. For March 15th, anticipate low tide at 3:18am and high tide at 12:22pm. On March 19th, set your sights on a low tide at 8:19am followed by high tide at 5:14pm.

Check out iKitesurf.com for detailed information specific to Levee-Texas City Dike, providing low tide details around 11:49am and high tide predictions for approximately 7:53pm.

Safety precautions

Sunrise and sunset times

The sunrise time for Texas City on March 15, 2024, is at 7:24am and the sunset time is at 7:29pm. On March 19th, the sunrise will be at 7:20am and the sunset at 7:32pm. The sunrise and sunset times are essential for planning activities around the tides.

Moving on to “High and Low Tide Times for Texas City Dike”..

High and Low Tide Times for Texas City Dike

Discover the predicted tide times and current water level changes for Texas City Dike. To access this vital information, check out tide prediction websites or use mobile apps with the designated Station ID.

Find out more about today’s high and low tides to make informed decisions based on the tidal conditions.

Predicted tide times

Here are the predicted tide times for Texas City, which are crucial for anyone interested in the tides:

Date Location Low Tide Time High Tide Time
March 15, 2024 Texas City 3:18am 12:22pm
March 16, 2024 Texas City, Turning Basin 04:26am / 2:46pm 2:01pm / 8:58am
March 19, 2024 Texas City 8:19am 5:14pm

This table includes the important tide times for Texas City and its Turning Basin, aiding those planning visits or fishing trips.

Current water level changes

The current water level at Texas City Dike is rising steadily, reaching 4.5 feet at the predicted high tide time. This gradual increase in water level indicates the incoming high tide and emphasizes the importance of staying cautious, especially for those near the shoreline.

It’s essential to be vigilant and aware of these changes to ensure safety.

Moving on to “Live camera footage”..

Live camera footage

Live camera footage of Texas City Dike provides real-time visuals of the water levels and shoreline conditions. The footage also captures fishing activities, giving anglers a glimpse of the best times to cast their lines.

With live updates, viewers can observe sunrise and sunset times as well as any changes in water levels. This valuable tool offers an immediate and visual understanding of the tides at Texas City Dike, helping individuals make informed decisions for their coastal activities based on current conditions.

The live camera footage offers a direct view of Galveston Bay tides, supplementing traditional tide charts with real-time visuals. Anglers can use this resource to monitor high tide times for optimal fishing opportunities while keeping an eye on low tide moments for safe navigation along the dike.

How to Access Texas City Dike Tides Forecast

Accessing Texas City Dike Tides Forecast is easy with tide prediction websites, mobile apps, and station ID or tide charts. Live camera footage also provides real-time updates.

Tide prediction websites

Access Texas City Dike tides forecast easily on tide prediction websites like iKitesurf.com or NOAA. These sites provide accurate and up-to-date information, including high and low tide times, helping you plan your activities around the tides with confidence.

Stay informed about water levels for fishing, safety precautions, and sunrise/sunset times by utilizing these reliable resources.

Ready to explore how mobile apps can enhance your experience?

Mobile apps

For real-time access to Texas City Dike tide forecasts, download the NOAA Hi-Def Radar app. It provides accurate and up-to-date high and low tide times for Texas City, ensuring you can plan your day by the water with confidence.

The app also offers live camera footage for a direct view of current water levels at Texas City Dike, keeping you informed about changing conditions. Stay ahead of the tides with this essential tool in your pocket.

– Tide charts

Station ID

To access Texas City Dike tides forecast, use the NOAA chart #11324 and iKitesurf.com for Levee-Texas City Dike tide information. These sources provide estimated times for low and high tides, aiding in planning activities such as fishing or monitoring water levels.

The comprehensive forecast assists in understanding the everchanging tide patterns at Texas City Dike – providing valuable insights for those interested in tracking tidal movements.

Next up is “Tide charts”.

Tide charts

To access Texas City Dike tides forecast, individuals can refer to tide charts available on various websites. These charts display predicted tide times and current water level changes along with useful information such as sunrise and sunset times.

The NOAA chart for Texas City is #11324, providing valuable insights for fishing, safety precautions, and planning activities around the dike area.

For those seeking more than just basic information about tides in Texas City Dike, accessing accurate tide charts is crucial. It not only provides specific high and low tide times but also aids in understanding water level changes through live camera footage while ensuring safety during outdoor activities.


Stay informed about Texas City Dike tides with today’s high and low tide times. Monitor water levels, plan fishing trips, and stay safe using predicted tide times. Access live camera footage and forecasts easily through tide prediction websites or mobile apps.

Keep up to date with the ever-changing tides for Texas City Dike!

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