Tide Chart Eureka: Local Tide Times and Predictions

Planning a day at the coast can be tricky without knowing the tides. The tide chart for Eureka, CA, offers local tide times and predictions crucial for many activities. This article provides easy-to-understand information on high and low tides in Eureka, including how moon phases affect them.

Keep reading to master the tides!

Key Takeaways

  • The tide chart for Eureka, CA, provides key information like high and low tides, moon phases, water temperature, and swell data. This helps locals and visitors plan coastal activities safely.
  • High tide times in Eureka tell when the sea level rises highest during a day. Low tide times show when it drops to its lowest. These times are crucial for fishing and beach outings.
  • Moon phases affect how high or low the tides go in Eureka. A full or new moon means larger differences between high and low tides.
  • Water temperature in Eureka changes with seasons, affecting activities such as fishing or swimming. Knowing the current temperature can make these activities more enjoyable.
  • Understanding how to read a tide chart is important for safety near the coast. It helps people avoid dangerous situations by knowing when it’s safe to do things like exploring tide pools or surfing.

Tide Times and Predictions for Eureka

Eureka boasts diverse tide times and predictions, including high and low tides, moon and sun phases, as well as water temperature and swell. Understand the intricacies of Eureka’s tide charts through interpreting the tide coefficient, tidal variations, and graph readings.

High and Low Tides

Understanding the patterns of high and low tides in Eureka is vital for anyone with an interest in the coastal dynamics. The tide charts for Eureka provide precise predictions for both high and low tides, crucial information for local residents and visitors alike.

Date High Tide Low Tide Sunrise Sunset
Today 5:04 AM (7.42 ft) 12:08 PM (3.08 ft) 7:22 AM 7:26 PM
Specific Date 7.87ft (Time N/A) -0.33ft (Time N/A) N/A N/A

Predictions reveal times for both high and low tides, aiding in planning various coastal activities. The charts also include sunrise and sunset times to help plan your day around natural light. Knowing these times can enhance experiences such as fishing, beach outings, and ensuring coastal safety.

Moon and Sun Phases

The moon phase in Eureka is currently first. The sunset today in Eureka is at 7:26 PM and the sunrise tomorrow is at 7:22 AM. The tide chart also provides information on the lunar cycle, helping to understand how the moon affects tides for fishing and other coastal activities in Humboldt Bay.

Water Temperature and Swell

The water temperature in Eureka, CA typically ranges from 50°F to 60°F throughout the year. The highest average water temperature of around 59°F occurs in September and October, while the lowest average temperature of about 53°F is recorded in July and August.

As for swell information, Eureka experiences a mix of swells originating from the northwest and west directions. Swell heights range between 3 to 8 feet, with larger swells common during the winter months.

Eureka’s water temperature plays a significant role for activities like fishing or diving. Understanding these temperatures helps plan excursions effectively and ensures an enjoyable experience near the coast.

Understanding Tide Charts for Eureka

– The tide coefficient influences the range of tides in Eureka.

– Interpreting the graph provides valuable insights into tidal variations.

Tide Coefficient

The tide coefficient helps predict the range between high and low tides. It’s calculated from the difference in height between consecutive high and low tides over a specific period.

A higher coefficient indicates larger tidal variations, while a lower coefficient suggests smaller tidal differences. This information is valuable for understanding the intensity of tides at Eureka, assisting in planning activities such as fishing or beach outings based on tidal patterns.

Understanding the tide coefficient can guide decisions like when to go fishing or engage in coastal activities based on expected water levels. The coefficients are part of comprehensive tidal predictions, providing insights into tide strength and frequency that impact daily routines near Eureka’s coastal areas.”.

Tidal Variations

Tidal variations in Eureka are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. These variations cause fluctuations between high and low tides, impacting the water levels throughout the day.

Understanding these tidal variations is crucial for activities like fishing, as it determines the best times to fish based on tide levels. Additionally, knowing the tidal variations helps in coastal safety by predicting potential flooding during high tides.

The rise and fall of tides are not uniform due to factors such as wind, weather conditions, and topography. This results in fluctuations that affect the accuracy of tide predictions.

How to Interpret the Graph

To interpret the graph:

  1. Understand that the tide coefficients indicate the range of tides.
  2. Note that the highest and lowest points on the graph represent high and low tides, respectively.
  3. Recognize that tidal variations are shown by the waves in the graph.
  4. Be aware that the time scale along the bottom helps to read when tides occur.
  5. Consider how the position of the moon and sun phases correlates with tide heights and times.
  6. Take into account that understanding water temperature and swell can help anticipate tide behavior.

Benefits of Knowing Tide Times for Eureka

Knowing the tide times for Eureka offers valuable benefits, including seizing fishing opportunities, ensuring coastal safety, and planning engaging beach activities. Dive into the local tide predictions to make the most of your time by the sea!

Fishing Opportunities

Eureka’s tide chart holds the key to prime fishing opportunities. The predicted tide times reveal when the water levels are ideal for various catches, with low tides making it easier to spot certain fish, and high tides creating favorable conditions for others.

By consulting the Eureka tide predictions, anglers can strategically plan their fishing trips based on the best tidal coefficients and variations for a successful catch. With this knowledge in hand, fishing enthusiasts can make the most of their time by casting their lines at precisely the right moments, maximizing their chances of reeling in a great catch while enjoying Humboldt Bay’s rich marine life.

The Eureka tide chart also showcases how tidal movements affect coastal areas and provides insights into where different fish species might be congregating at various stages of the tide.

Coastal Safety

Navigating the waters around Eureka requires a keen understanding of coastal safety. The local tide times and predictions play a pivotal role in ensuring safe maritime activities. From kayaking to beachcombing, knowing the tide schedule is crucial in avoiding hazardous conditions.

Coastal safety also depends on being aware of tidal variations and their impact on water levels. Understanding the tide coefficient and interpreting the graph empowers individuals to make informed decisions when engaging in coastal activities, bolstering overall safety.

With this knowledge, one can plan their exploits along Humboldt Bay with confidence, leveraging the insights offered by the Eureka tide chart for an enjoyable and secure experience.

Planning Beach Activities

When planning beach activities in Eureka, it’s essential to check the tide chart for high and low tide times. This information helps in scheduling beach walks, sandcastle building, and exploring tide pools during low tides.

Additionally, knowing the water temperature and swell can influence decisions about swimming or surfing at certain times of the day. Understanding these factors ensures a safe and enjoyable beach experience.

Fishing enthusiasts should consult the tide predictions for prime fishing opportunities as they are directly linked to tidal movements. Planning a fishing trip around high or low tides enhances chances of catching fish like salmon or halibut in Humboldt Bay.


Understanding the tide chart for Eureka is essential for planning activities like fishing and beach outings. Without this knowledge, one could miss out on the best times to enjoy these coastal experiences.

By knowing the high and low tides, moon and sun phases, water temperature, and swell, locals can safely navigate Eureka’s dynamic coastline. Keep an eye on the tide predictions to make the most of your time by the sea.

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