Tide Chart Fernandina Beach: Today’s High and Low Tide Times

Planning a day at Fernandina Beach or casting a line into its waters requires knowing the tide times. Today’s high tide is predicted to be at 1:25 am, which can affect your plans. This article will guide you through today’s and tomorrow’s high and low tide times, giving insights into when it’s best to visit the beach or fish.

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Key Takeaways

  • The high tide at Fernandina Beach today is at 1:25 am and again at 2:40 pm, while the low tides are at 7:31 am and 8:37 pm. This information helps plan beach visits or fishing trips.
  • Knowing tidal times is vital for safety since high tides can lead to stronger currents dangerous for swimmers, while low tides expose more of the beach for exploration.
  • The highest recorded tide today was 7.22 feet early in the morning, and the lowest was – 0.33 feet, indicating significant water level changes that affect marine activities.
  • Sunrise today in Fernandina Beach is at 7:24 am with sunset at 7:50 pm. These times are important for those planning their activities around natural light.
  • Moon phases impact tide levels; full moons often mean higher than usual high tides and lower than average lows, influencing both fishing success and beach safety considerations.

Understanding Tides and Their Importance

Tides play a crucial role in the daily lives of those who live or visit coastal areas like Fernandina Beach. These natural phenomena occur because of the gravitational pull between the Earth, moon, and sun.

They cause sea levels to rise and fall over time, creating high and low tides. Knowing when these tides happen helps fishermen plan their day for a successful catch. Beach-goers also use this information to choose the best times for their activities.

The tide chart for Fernandina Beach is very important for safety reasons too. High tide times can lead to stronger currents that are dangerous for swimmers. Low tide exposes different parts of the beach, making it easier to walk along the shore or explore marine life trapped in tidal pools.

This makes checking tidal predictions essential before heading out to enjoy or work at sea. The moon phase can affect how extreme these tides are, with full moons often leading to higher than usual highs and lower than average lows.

Tide Chart for Fernandina Beach Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow’s tide chart for Fernandina Beach includes high and low tide times, tide predictions, water levels, and coastal tides. Additionally, it provides sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, fishing tides, and beach safety information.

High and low tide times

For those interested in the tides, understanding the high and low tide times at Fernandina Beach is crucial for a variety of activities, including fishing, boating, and beach planning. Presented here are the specific high and low tide times for Fernandina Beach for immediate reference:

Date High Tide Time Low Tide Time High Tide Level Low Tide Level
Today 1:25am & 2:40pm 7:31am & 8:37pm 7.22ft & TBD -0.33ft & TBD
Tomorrow To be updated To be updated To be updated To be updated

This table provides a concise summary of the essential tide information for Fernandina Beach. It includes the times for both high and low tides today, along with the water levels during these times. For future planning, the tide times for tomorrow will be updated accordingly, ensuring you have the most current information for your activities at or near the beach.

Tide predictions

Today, the high tide at Fernandina Beach is set for 1:25am. Expect the first low tide to occur at 7:31am, with a water level rise leading up to the high tide. The highest recorded tide was 7.22ft at 12:34am and the lowest was -0.33ft. Additionally, you can find detailed tide times and heights for Fernandina Beach within this content.

Moving on to Water Levels…

Water levels

The water level at Fernandina Beach is rising, with high tide expected at 1:25am and the highest recorded tide reaching 7.22ft. The first low tide is anticipated at 7:31am, with a lowest observed tide of -0.33ft. High tide for Amelia River, FL is predicted to be at 2:40pm and low tide at 8:37pm.

Understanding Coastal Tides

Coastal tides

Coastal tides

Coastal tides play a crucial role in the daily rhythm of the ocean, impacting activities such as fishing and beach safety. The predicted high tide at Fernandina Beach, FL offers valuable insight for those planning their coastal pursuits. Understanding these tidal fluctuations allows for safer navigation and enjoyable experiences along the coastlines.

Additional Features and Information

Explore sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, fishing tides, and beach safety for a comprehensive understanding. Plus, don’t miss out on the additional features to enrich your knowledge about tides at Fernandina Beach.

Sunrise and sunset times

Today’s sunrise in Fernandina Beach is at 7:24am, and the sunset is expected at 7:50pm. These times are important for planning activities around the beach and coastal areas. For those interested in fishing or beach safety, knowing the exact times of sunrise and sunset can help plan their day effectively.

The time of these natural occurrences influences the behavior of marine life as well as human activities on the shore. Understanding these times allows individuals to make the most of their time by adjusting their plans accordingly.

Moon phases

The moon phases play a crucial role in influencing the tides. As the moon orbits Earth, its gravitational pull causes high and low tides. During a full moon and new moon, when the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned, we observe higher high tides (spring tides) and lower low tides.

Conversely, during the first and third quarters of the lunar cycle, when the sun’s pull partially cancels out some of the moon’s effect, we see less extreme high and low waters (neap tides).

Understanding these lunar phases is essential for predicting tidal patterns accurately.

Fishing tides

For fishing, high tide means the water covers more ground and moves fish closer to shore. Low tide allows access to areas that are usually underwater. The best times for fishing today at Fernandina Beach are around 1:25am and 2:40pm during high tides or around 7:31am and 8:37pm during low tides.

Fishing enthusiasts can use this information to plan their day and increase their chances of a successful catch.

Beach safety

When enjoying the tides at Fernandina Beach, always be aware of potential hazards such as strong rip currents and sudden changes in water depth. For swimming, choose designated areas with lifeguards, follow posted safety signs, and avoid swimming alone.

Keep an eye on children at all times near the water’s edge. It is essential to respect the power of the tides and always prioritize safety when indulging in beach activities.

Now let’s explore “Additional Features and Information” for more insights into tide-related elements.


Discover today’s high and low tide times at Fernandina Beach. Dive into the detailed tide chart, including predictions and water levels. Uncover additional features like sunrise/sunset times, moon phases, and fishing tides for an enhanced coastal experience.

Explore the realm of ocean tides with tailored information towards beach safety.

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